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Hello to people who've come looking for an introduction to Generation Kill! I am very pleased to have incepted you thus far.

Generation Kill fandom is sourced originally from the 2008 HBO miniseries, produced by Ed Burns and David Simon (of The Wire and Homicide: Life on the Street fame) as well as Evan Wright, author of the book Generation Kill which inspired the series, and in turn was developed from a feature article Wright wrote for Rolling Stone in 2003 after his time embedding with a team of men from the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion of the United States Marine Corps.

The miniseries is comprised of seven hour-long episodes and is arguably one of the best contemporary fictional(ish) treatments of the Iraq invasion and subsequent war, and military life during the early period of American warfare in the last decade. While its source material has been subject to some controversy, the general attitude of most towards the miniseries is positive, particularly for its accuracy and detailed perspective on the spring of 2003 in Iraq.

The fandom sprung to life in short order after the miniseries premiered, and slowly grew from a handful of stories in 2008 to a bustling, much-beloved fandom by the miniseries' one year anniversary in 2009. Now, in 2011, it has been disqualified from Yuletide due to its size, and despite the limitations of closed canon the fandom is still enthusiastic and producing wonderful stories.

I personally think it helps to be a fan of the military in general to fall in love with Generation Kill and our erudite, researched fanworks, but that is most certainly not a deal-breaker. My goal here is to give you all the links and material you need to get going, so without further ado:

The [info]generation_kill community is bar none the key linchpin of the fandom; the vast majority of fanworks are located on LJ, but there are some resources available on DW as well. [info]generation_kill has an excellent list of resources once you start jonesing for more. (Most posts in this community are locked, and you need to be a member of the community to view them. I don't think membership is moderated, however, and I promise you it's worth the extra clicks. There's a funny relationship this fandom has with real people--we skirt but don't quite cross the line of RPS, primarily because the miniseries is a fictional rendering of real people. Don't let this deter you. That's why the comm locks things.)

The community periodically hosts a rewatch of the miniseries, and to facilitate that there is a comprehensive resource post specifically devoted to helping you watch this program, though the DVDs are inexpensive on Amazon and are also available on their instant video service. Frustratingly you can't stream it from Netflix, but they do have hard copies in their service. And if none of that works, shoot me a PM and I'll point you in the right direction.

I'm not going to front: this is often not easy to watch, particularly if you're uncomfortable with realistic depictions of violent scenarios. But I can't stress how worth it the program is. There's humour, and there's heartbreak, and it's cinematically gorgeous. The actors were basically put through boot camp by several of the actual Marines they are portraying, and they filmed in Northern Africa to try and render the story as fully and realistically as possible. They did so.

Maureen Ryan at the Chicago Tribune wrote a fantastic overview/review of Generation Kill when it was being aired in July 2008. If you're new to the miniseries, I would suggest reading this alongside watching to help understand what the hell is happening. It is very, very handy.

Once you've seen the miniseries, or before you've seen the miniseries, there are a couple of great books that are must-reads for the fandom (I told you we had a booklist):

"The Killer Elite" by Evan Wright (Rolling Stone 2003); I apologise for the terrible punctuation on this. I'll replace it with a better copy if I come across one. This is the original feature Evan (Reporter) wrote for Rolling Stone, and is a strong, relatively quick introduction to the story we work with.

Generation Kill by Evan Wright; after the feature, the article was optioned into a book. Evan's meticulous note-taking and long embed with Bravo Two offered ample material to flesh out the story from just before the invasion of Iraq in March 2003 to the Battalion's regrouping in late April.

One Bullet Away by Nate Fick; this is Nate's autobiography of his life becoming a Marine, and his version of the story that Evan tells. Nate and Evan became friendly during the course of Evan's embed, and after Nate separated from the USMC they became good friends. Evan helped Nate with the book, though I don't believe Nate needed any help getting it published. It was one of the early (by which I mean pre-2005) memoirs of an active duty officer who had seen action in Afghanistan and Iraq, and holds a place of significance outside of providing more canon for the fangirl machine. (Not that it's relevant or anything.)

All pdf's, for universal use.

The thing is, this is a pretty confusing story, especially if you have limited familiarity with military jargon or, you know, the military and warfare in general. Fandom, especially this fandom and especially the dynamo that is [personal profile] oxoniensis, stepped in to help you there. After Action Report is a comprehensive website to help you figure out what happened when, who the fuck everyone is, and what the hell they said that one time at the bridge.

And so, the fanfiction. There's a lot of it. We've all been writing relentlessly for nearly three years, and the quality of fanworks is staggeringly great. (Have your tissues handy, people, you're going to need them.) [livejournal.com profile] alethialia, who holds a somewhat fixed place in my heart due to her epic awesome, has done legwork for you, me, and everyone by putting together a comprehensive GK recs list: Part I | Part II. I believe this was last updated in late 2010, so while there's a lot of wonderful stories that have shown up in the last year, this is an excellent starting point to take you through fandom's greatest hits.

I also encourage you to check out [info]yagkyas, or You Ain't Generation Kill, You Ain't Shit--which is our plucky fandom's annual winter fanwork challenge. We're gearing up for our third year running, but there's a hundred stories in there begging for your attention, and they're all amazing.

Another excellent place where you should read everything is Get Some, a porn skirmish (variation on the Porn Battle but just for GK) that was held in 2009 when the fandom was really hitting a peak. There's some wonderful, hot as shit stories in there in a hundred different combinations (or at least a couple of dozen). I still go there for prompts when I need something to trick me into writing.

And if you want a low bar of entry, first of all, you get a gold star for reading this far (no actual star available), so thank you for that. Here's five stories I unremittingly love; these are not necessarily the most epically best stories in the fandom. They're just the ones I love that I think you'll love too.

Managing Expectations by [livejournal.com profile] alethialia -- I mentioned this one on Slash Report, so hopefully you're already keen to read it. Alethia is a smashing writer with a real talent for drawing profound character observations out of a handful of words. This story, though it came out in the past week, reminds me so much of the first heady months of Generation Kill, when everything was still fresh and the fanon hadn't formed. Wonderful.

Rudy's Guide to Auras and Fair Game Play by [livejournal.com profile] sparky77 -- It is no secret to anyone who's talked to me for five minutes that I am the most ardent lover of Rudy Reyes ever there was. This story is fucking hilarious, and so spot-on for characterization and voices. I loved this story so much that as soon as I finished it, I asked for permission to podfic it. You can hear me laughing in the podfic. It's tragically amazing.

Patience by [livejournal.com profile] kaneko -- Unf, so hot. This is like all the sex possibilities of Brad and Nate rolled into one slice of heat and fire.

Strength and Guile by [livejournal.com profile] shoshannagold -- This is really a story about Brad, more than anything, and about fucking with Brad's world, which is one of my favorite things ever. For context, real!Brad's next assignment after returning from Iraq was training Royal Marines in the UK, where they don't have a pesky little thing called Don't Ask Don't Tell. (AND NEITHER DO WE ANYMORE FUCKING FINALLY.)

Just One Life by [livejournal.com profile] queeniegalore -- I, quite literally, read this story four times a year. It is permanently placed on my iPad and any other device I could ever happen to be reading on. It is one of the most truthful stories about the person that's left behind in a military relationship I've ever read, and continues to inpire me to write more, and write better. Ray/Walt, fucking wonderful.

Every Marine a Wolfbrother by [personal profile] dira -- Dira has only recently come into GK fandom, but for me, personally, she saved my writing relationship with this fandom. After three years I thought I'd done everything I came to do; but then I read this and learned that I was very, very wrong. Unlike anything else you'll read in this fandom; a magical realism alternate universe that takes military culture and turns it up to eleven, which I did not even know was possible in this fandom.

Okay, that was six, but here's a bonus just because, well. Just becuase.

The Care and Keeping of the Iceman, by Ray Person, Cpl. USMC by [livejournal.com profile] romanticalgirl and [livejournal.com profile] bijoux -- I actually hurt myself laughing. Best read immediately after the series.

So there you go. Everything you need to start your own love affair with Generation Kill. This is a permanent fandom home for me; I am never very far away. And because no intro post is complete without some form of a plug, here's my mostly up to date contribution to the fandom as well. Comment if you have any questions, or if you just want to capslock your glee at me. Picspams also welcome. Stay frosty, kids.


Some picspams for the reference and the pretty and the incepting!

1. The glory of Brad Colbert.
2. Pic by pic introduction of the characters and show.
3. Some gorgeous caps and a lot of the amazing lines in the show.
4. Ugh, I could stare at these all day.
5. Handy Gen Kill walkthrough.

Some recs for additional pairings as well.

Also, Brad was totally scammed by the dragon and the sword:


Nov. 25th, 2011 09:42 pm
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You know, the most exciting part of Yuletide for me--beyond the general thrill of getting an assignment--is pinch hitting. I love picking up stories in the kind of roulette wheel that is the pinch hit list, writing things I never considered writing before, taking on all new kinds of challenges. I love it, the thrill of chance.

Dear Yuletide Author,

Hello! Thank you so much for doing this and for writing for me. I don't have a lot more to say apart from what I wrote in my signup, but I want to emphasize that I will love a story that you have loved to write. Around the holidays I tend to prefer lighter stories to darker ones, and I will always love a good run at curtainfic, but honestly--the story that inspires you will be the one I like best!

I asked for:

The LXD, which I love love love. The story of Jato and Katana is such a fundamental part of the story but it's never told in full. But anything that explores the backstory, whether of the current League or the previous iteration of the League/OX, that would be great.

Newsflesh--a recent but awesome addition to my interests. There's so much crazy and complex emotional dynamic in there, and anything that explores George, Shaun, and Mahir's relationships would be welcome. Any combination is great, and you should feel free to go from gen to PWP on this.

Threesome is hilarity, and kudos to you for trying to take on the particular humour and manner of the show. If you want to talk about Richie and Alice before they had Mitch, or what it's like after Lily has arrived, that would be great! I'd also, as I mentioned in the assignment, love something that has Mitch stretching his boundaries a bit out of love for Richie. They are awfully physically affectionate with one another, mm?

Finally, Haven! I guess my one angle on this is that I really do prefer Audrey/Duke/Nathan rather than a pairing in this fandom, and I'd generally prefer an established or first time relationship than a gen story. But! Anything that shows them being kind to each other, the ways they take care of each other, would be well loved.

Thank you again!

<3, templemarker
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[personal profile] anatsuno has posted the remaining two parts from the long conversation about podfic I mentioned earlier this week! You can find parts two and three over at her journal. We'd love to know what you think--it was a lot of fun to talk about. And while [personal profile] dodificus chimed in as the first to listen all the way thorugh (and thus can claim the easter egg) I will happily honor another couple of them for folks who listen all the way through. (But don't skip to the end! That's cheating.)
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While I'd been aware (ha) of [community profile] pod_aware, I didn't really have any time to contribute to it in the course of last week. But after talking with [personal profile] anatsuno, we thought there was still enough there to have a conversation about podfic--and ended up with nearly three hours of impromptu podcast.

[personal profile] anatsuno took on the journeyman task of editing the thing down into parts, so this is the first of three. This part covers:
  • why we podfic, with a long digression into our beginnings as podficcer and about Sabotage, qlskdfgsldjfgh, and Calico’s amazing writing talent.
  • blanket permission;
  • some general reflections about podfic as an art form as well as a community of practice;
a few rambles here and there.

You can download the MP3 file (25MB) from Dropbox, or stream it here over at [personal profile] anatsuno's journal.

There may or may not be easter eggs at the end of the whole thing. You'll just have to listen and find out. :)
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I have two secret santa letters that are woefully overdue. I apologise, people who received me! The life-work balance hasn't been so great, as of late, but I am striving to do better. So, belatedly but with great affection, here's my letters to the recipients of my YAGKYAS and Dresden Ficathon assignments. Thank you to everyone who has signed up for participating in the challenges this year! It means a lot to me as a mod to have so many folks choose to spend their time writing for these challenges.

Dresden Ficathon:

First of all, <3 for signing up for this challenge. I hope you enjoy it, and that it's a fun way to spur on some writing over the next couple of months. I'd be happy with anything--gen, featuring any of the characters I listed, or slash with Harry and John. I'd love a crossover (or a fusion!) with Haven, though you shouldn't feel any pressure to go there. During the holiday season, I gravitate much more towards mellow and happy fic. Angst doesn't comfort me, though if that's where your writing takes you, don't be afraid to go there! Drama is good too. I like humour, and porn, especially porn where the participants are laughing, but I'd be just as happy with a PG rated story as a more explicit one.

I guess what I'm saying, O Delightful Fanperson, is that I want to read the story that you best want to write, and you should feel free to take the liberties you need to accomplish that story. Have fun. Don't stress out! I'm going to love what you do, especially if you love what you do.



You rock for taking this challenge on! Thank you for participating. See above for all my words about writing to your strengths, what you're interested in, etc. I want to read the story you want to write! That being said, I love Rudy and Pappy, and especially Rudy/Pappy, and I would happily enjoy a gen or slash story that features them both prominently. I also chose Evan (Reporter) as a featured character because, in the forward to RL!Rudy's book, he was so damned fond of Rudy that it came out through the pages. I'd love to read a story that shows how Rudy and Evan kept in touch after the initial embed.

I prefer realism very, very strongly to fantasy in this fandom, but I would be happy with any rating from gen to explicit. If you go the slash route, I like curtainfic and romantic comedy more than the angst and the drama, but you should definitely go where your writing takes you. For the Hawaii 5-0 crossover, feel free to do it however you like--traditional crossover, fusion--but I'd prefer not an AU. I don't really want to see Rudy Reyes play Steve McGarrett, no matter that they both could scale thirty-story buildings with their belts and a stick of gum. I think it would be hilarious to see the Navy SEAL-Recon Marine jokes that could come out of these characters being in the same scene, but use your own best judgement.

In short, I love Rudy Reyes. I'd love it if you could tell me a story about him.


So, Yuletide has still not started up, which I guess is the usual--it always makes me nervous, though, as both a challenge moderator and challenge participant, when the window gets ever narrower on signup to deadline. I feel like you need at least two months to prepare, as a participant, and it seems like Yuletide has gone from three months to two months to six weeks, which is bizarre given the sheer number of participants.

Usually I pick up three or four pinch hits there, too, which is always fun (and manic--gear up, [personal profile] minim_calibre, this is the real reason iMessage was deployed). I'm also pinch hitting for happy_trekmas, which is a trip; I haven't written Star Trek in a couple of years now. And I'm doing dream_holiday, which I feel weirdly uneasy about despite still loving Inception from afar.

If [info]jamponygifts happens again this year, I will be fucking delighted. I want to write Dark Angel again, but I'm not sure I have any stories independent of a prompt for someone else.

I love challenges. They're so...challenging. (Leave me alone, it's far too late for me to be anything but recursive.) What challenges are folks doing this year?
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Kind of like Skynet Siri, I think there's probably two responses to this video:

And I know what camp I'm in--it's the omg bring it to me I WANTS IT PRECIOUS camp. Seriously, it's like Firefly meets Star Trek meets Ikea. I love how smooth and flowing the concept is; I just want to live in that BADDURNG kitchen table and hold conference calls. Siri The Future is beckoning me with every unobtrusive little notification.
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Hi everyone! You have one more week to sign up for [info]yagkyas!

Rules | FAQ

We'd love to have you join us!
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Beverly Electric & Light
by templemarker

Notes: For [community profile] ot_chicago, filling the prompt of Beverly, Chicago. I've been to many places in Chicago, but not Beverly, so it was fun to do new research. Harry Dresden gen; this is the first time I've written in the first person since I was 15, but man, the character voice just would not be denied. My grateful thanks to [personal profile] samjohnsson for insightful, thorough beta.

The thing about Chicago was that, a lot of the time, you tended to stick around your own neighborhood. )

You have a couple more days to sign up for the [info]dresdenficathon! We'd love to have you join us.

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Fans of genre shows have, I think, been primed to expect mediocrity edging towards downright cardboard acting in the shows we love. Say what you will about The Sentinel, Sliders, or especially Smallville, but they all lowered the bar for the kind of television we watch religiously and with little discrimination for the quality of the work. Buffy, Farscape, Battlestar Galactica--these were exceptions, not the rule.

I say this because I watch a lot of mediocre television. Not as much as I used to, before fifty hour work weeks and willful attempts at maintaining a social life, but enough to be steeped in the knowledge of kind of crappy yet still compelling fantasy/sci-fi/somewhere in the middle television series. And it's with that in mind that I figured I'd pick up Teen Wolf to have something to amuse me at the gym.

Let me introduce the Boreanaz Scale.

(Image credit [personal profile] chaosraven who is the best first responder ever.)

The Boreanaz scale, named for you-know-who, is a kind of arbitrary but still generally useful scale for determining the quality of the television show you're watching. I base this primarily on the acting, because it could be the most compelling idea in the world (hi, Andromeda) with great production values (oh, Caprica) but if the acting isn't there to draw you in and keep you hooked (five seasons, six television movies, and three spin-offs of Babylon 5) your beloved show won't make it all the way. This is where Boreanaz comes in: stilted, creeper cardboard vampire in Buffy; fast-talking, charming sharpshooter in Bones. Two balanced sides of a scale.

Now, most genre television is going to hover around Season 1 Buffy. The acting is kind of weak, but the premise is compelling enough to make time for the actors to get things like experience, and be more comfortable with production notes. But then there's your Boreanaz 1 shows, your Smallvilles, who despite all odds and acting coaches manage to keep a wooden, anvilly show on the air for 10 seasons. And on the other side, your Boreanaz 6, you have your Battlestar Galacticas--tightly produced and paced shows that have a finite end point from the start and are always working towards that goal.

Stargate Atlantis? A solid Boreanaz 3. It had its moments, but it was a journeyman show. Firefly? Boreanaz 6. It should have had a longer life. SeaQuest DSV? Boreanaz 2. It could have done better, but it could have done so much worse.

Teen Wolf? Boreanaz 4.

I know, I know. I said the scale was arbitrary above, so clearly I'm just privileging a show with a lot of half-naked well-defined young men and their Blair Waldorf-esque female counterparts. I feel you. But here's the thing: what this show has in spades, what carries it beyond the 1997 Sarah Michelle Gellar award for Acting in a Teen Paranormal Series, is how shockingly nuanced the actors are with their characters.

Scott McCall, played by Tyler Posey, is the titular character who is undergoing his para-normality while suffering puberty. This could easily be a role that was phoned in for a decent first-title-credit paycheck from a network desperately trying to stay relevant in scripted tv. Instead, Posey takes his time with the role, swinging from intense, realistic anxiety attacks to small, silent, charming as fuck sly grins that are half-knowing to his audience. The fact that the show uses silence, instead of trying to fill every moment with tension and hipster-of-the-week music is shocking enough, but that Posey has enough command of his own talent to portray the many emotional states his character is put through shoots him into Ninth Doctor territory.

Scott's boyfriend best friend, Stiles, could also quickly and immediately suffer from The Best Friend curse, but the show gives the actor, Dylan O'Brien, room to clearly ad-lib some portion of his lines and feel out the dimensions of Stiles as a character. There are several scenes where, in most genre television, Stiles would have had a split-second reaction shot and then the camera would move on to the B-plot, or another show of Posey's admittedly impressive musculature. But rather than use Stiles as a gag machine, the show gives him moments of reflection, moments where he's talking to himself, or reviewing some research, that give him depth and dimension that would otherwise be ignored if not outright discarded on my beloved Roswell.

And in a show with a clear (and unremarkably predictable) bias towards male cast members, the two female characters, Allison Argent (Crystal Reed) and Lydia Martin (Holland Roden) do have more characterization than your average "Lana's parents are dead" lip service. I have not yet watched the whole first season, but while Allison and Lydia have not yet made the show pass the Bechdel test, the writers have given them details and backgrounds that have less to do with the men they are respectively dating than with them as individual characters. It leaves the door open for more robust characterization, which is better than the treatment most teenaged females get in similar shows without an identified female protagonist.

That's not to say that the show doesn't have it's Moonlight moments: the plot is pedestrian, and the tension, while believable, is manufactured more through the cinematography and the scoring than the writing. But on the whole, I've been delighted with the rampant thread of humour--intentional and unintentional--as well as the subtle, talented nuance in the wide swathe of emotions. I expected Smallville, and I got Haven, and I'm telling you all of this so that you won't dismiss Teen Wolf and its silly, outwardly non-compelling appearance. Fans of The Vampire Diaries or Roswell and the casual fans of Supernatural probably are already sold, but for everyone else--especially those who've seen the crazy shit (<3) that's come out of the fandom response to Teen Wolf (thanks, Slash Report) let me tell you: this show isn't what you think it is. It's not The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Boreanaz 5), but it's not Earth: Final Conflict (Boreanaz 1), either.

Give it a chance. You, like I was, may very well be pleasantly surprised.
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Between Earth and Sky
by templemarker

Notes: [livejournal.com profile] lyra_wing wrote this incredible crossover between American Gods and Supernatural, called Dust in the Wind. This story is a companion to that one. It would help to read her story first, but I think you could read either one independently or before the other. [livejournal.com profile] minim_calibre is the Dean to my Sam. Or the Sam to my Dean. Whichever one she's feeling this week. Minus the thoughts of incest. Also known as the second Supernatural story I ever wrote.

This is the story they tell about the Winchesters. )
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Boatswain and Beetlejuice
by [personal profile] minim_calibre and [personal profile] templemarker

Notes: So a billion years ago, I wrote Supernatural, and I wrote the best of it with [personal profile] minim_calibre. This is a repost of a story that was written in 2007, when this fandom still had a hold on me. Spoilers through All Hell Breaks Loose Part II. References to "For Better or For Worse," some bad puns, manly crying, and complete exposure of Min and templemarker's soft marshmallowy underbellies. There may be LOLcat references in here. Blame Minim, she has the LOLcats sickeness. There is also one wee crossover with The Dresden Files, which will not affect the story one bit if you don't know the show. Blame templemarker, she has the crossover sickness.

There are fifty-two weeks in a year, and Dean is damn well going to use every one of 'em. )
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X & Y
a story by [livejournal.com profile] claire_kay
read by templemarker

Notes: I picked up a pinch hit in [info]pod_together 2011, collaborating with [livejournal.com profile] claire_kay on her Glee story. I experimented a little more than I usually do with bringing music into the podfic, because this was a story structured so explicitly around a specific album. I'd love feedback on how it worked (or didn't work) for you.

The story is rated PG-13, and pairings include Kurt Hummel/David Karofsky and Rachel Berry/Quinn Fabray. This is an alternate season three set-up and was originally posted here. The podfic is 23:39, 128kps and available to download as a MP3 or a M4B.
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Rules | FAQ

We're into the second week of [info]yagkyas 2011 signups! We'll keep it open until Friday, October 21st, so if you're thinking about it, head over and sign up! It's a great challenge with a lot of awesome stories--one of the most amazing small fandom challenges out there.

And in my continuing quest to charm school everyone into participating, here's another short but sweet GK vignette as participation incentive. <3


Convalescent Leave
by templemarker

Notes: In my continuing celebration of the start of [info]yagkyas 2011, a little Rudy/Pappy story for the prompt "cold medicine." Thanks to [personal profile] dira for the prompt and beta.

'C'mon,' he said. 'I need to keep warm or something, and you're the warmest thing I've got.' )
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by templemarker

Notes: For [livejournal.com profile] lady_red90 in [info]numb3rs_newyear 2010. Takes place in Season 5. I looooooooove David and Colby. Thanks to the usual suspects, and to the mods for running the challenge! Originally posted here.

'Hey, did you get milk on the way home? )
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So, the darkly amusing thing for me about the whole Delicious debacle is that, while I've had a delicious account since it first came into existence as del.icio.us (so fucking hard to remember where those periods went) and I've basically used the service on a daily basis to locate new-to-me fanfiction or recover an updated link to 404'd fanfiction, I never actually kept that many links there.

Mostly, I kept links to stories that were off-LJ, DW, or A03, the old archives, the personal fic sites, the mailing list archives. I have nearly 6,000 memories on Livejournal, and I was certain that was going to be the thing that tanked, the thing that I lost despite a decade's worth of obsessive collecting and organization. I memorize stuff at AO3 and DW too, but there's just not as much there as there is on LJ.

But I rarely sent anything to Delicious, because it wasn't how I used the service.

Oh how bloody shocked I am to see that Avos borked Delicious before the Russians took my memories away.

I have settled on Pinboard, where I am templemarker, as my replacement for those handful of links I want to retain. And I will cautiously learn to use Pinboard, especially since I now understand how it can be used in a networking way to basically get interesting stuff dumped at you. (Subscribe to me! I am subscribing to people.) But I have to say, some part of me is laughing in a wry, mildly maniacal fashion that I somehow chose the oldest, clunkiest, most user-unfriendly way to retain links to stories, and it survived when arguably the best service did not. What the sweet hell were they thinking?
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Nothing About Ecstasy
by templemarker

Notes: For [info - personal]idella in [community profile] femslash11. Takes place after the season 2 finale. Thanks to [info - personal]samjohnsson for exceptional beta services, and [livejournal.com profile] mosca and [livejournal.com profile] callmesandy for modding one of my favorite challenges! Originally posted here and here.

The associates and partners might not come here, but their investigator did. Which was how she knew of it in the first place, of course.  )


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