Sep. 20th, 2017 07:53 pm
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I got two covers done today, plus I got the basic format for two more stories. One was a collections so good on me. In addition, I finished another chapter of the new romance novel. Morgan has realized that yes, she's already falling for Quinn. And after a brief bit of 'oh fuck no' she basically shrugged and decided to go for it.

Have I mentioned that Morgan is a LOT like me?

Because she is. I do not overthink anything. Hell, most of the time I barely think about it and just go for it, trying things until it works. Kind of fun writing a character so much like me.

Quinn is going to freak the fuck out when she realizes it. XD

So yeah, the matchmaking efforts I had vaguely planned in my head aren't going to happen. Morgan jumped straight over it. Oh well, it'll be fun to write her slowly seducing Quinn with Science! Except no, it'll be with ART! *Morgan waves tiny fist in the air dramatically, hair blowing behind her before she breaks into giggles*

Yeah, having way too much fun with Morgan and Quinn. I'm over 20K and I think I'm about half done. Maybe more. We'll see how things go. Quinn isn't going to make it easy, that much I know.

Work was a little better but that was solely and entirely because I forgot that I was supposed to do an audit today. Outright blanked it. So did the boss and my coworker. Just means I'll do it tomorrow. *sigh*

Goals for tomorrow include writing another chapter, getting more stories into basic format (I'm trying to get way ahead so I don't have to worry during the workshop next month), going and setting up an appointment for getting my car serviced (overdue and definitely needed before the six hour drive to the workshop), and that's about it.

Oh. Yeah. And doing something with the latest load of zucchini that my plant produced. I've got more basketball sized ones to deal with because I let it slide. Oops.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!


Sep. 19th, 2017 08:38 pm
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I turned 50 today. One one hand, that's kinda a wow, 50 years. Huh. On the other, it was just another day. Went to work, forgot my usb drive so I couldn't do any writing or farting around. Went out to dinner at Olive Garden with the hubby.

Just another day.

But I did get presents! The hubby bought me a fitting book (for sewing), a book on making your own bath bombs and a pattern I'd wanted. Plus Wonder Woman! *cheers wildly* My mom sent me this cool gift box with 50 gifts from the sea (shells and the like), 50 antique buttons from her and my grandmother, 50 jelly beans and $50 in one dollar bills to celebrate my 50 years of life. AND work gave me a lovely card with a $25 gift certificate for Barnes and Noble so that's good, too.

Not a bad birthday, overall. I guess once you hit 50 or so you just don't have that huge thrill with birthdays. I'm more excited about the writing workshop next month than this.

Goals for tomorrow include getting 3 overdue Now Available posts up, actually working on prepping a short story for submission (if that anthology is still open--have to check), writing (please, I about went crazy today for lack of it), exercises and that's about it. Maybe looking at the Wonder Woman extras. We'll see.

Off to bath and bed for me--I planned ahead and got Lush floating islands when we hit the mall on Sunday. *big grin*

Goodnight everyone!
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The Underground Railroad

5/5. Cora escapes enslavement and flees to the underground railroad. Which is an actual railroad, actually underground. That takes her on a strange, terrifying trip through several faces of American racism as it deposits her in different eras and different not-quite-true-to-history moments.

This is extraordinary. And brutal. And mesmerizing. And so complex and rewarding that I’ve been thinking about it for a month, and yet seem to have nothing of great weight to say here. Some bullet points:
• The bent history of this is doing something brilliant, but I can’t articulate all of it. Cora goes from antebellum Georgia to South Carolina during an event like the Tuskeegee experiments (which actually happened in Alabama, in a different century), to North Carolina in the grip of extreme racial violence that never quite occurred on that scale. Time doesn’t work right in this book, and the details don’t line up, and I can’t explain it, but that makes this recount of not history more potent a recounting of our real history. How? I don’t know. It does.
• This book is only genre by courtesy. There is a genre conceit to it – the railroad – but the book is generally uninterested in the bend of reality at its heart. Cora thinks once, in passing, that the railroad is a secret so profound she never wants to speak of it. The whole book keeps that silence. It’s metafiction more than genre, is what I think I’m saying.
• Cora had to be a woman. There’s something in her furious, scared, scarred survival that just . . . required it.
• The first fith of this book is set on the plantation before Cora flees, and it shocked me in that I’d never read anything like it before. To be fair, I don’t read historical fiction much at all, but. Somehow I was culturally aware of plantations as organized white supremacy concentration camps where torture and terror ruled – what else could they be – but had never actually been presented with that in fiction. Ever. How is that possible?
• * I also don’t know how this is possible, but this book is not utterly and nihilistically horrid. Racial violence is at Cora’s heels from beginning to end, and it intrudes, eventually, into every space where she thinks she might at last be a little bit safe. The book is a recounting of modes of racism and modes of living with it, and all of them . . . end badly. And yet. And yet. It’s not that it retains a grain of hope. This isn’t quite a pandora’s box book. It’s just . . . she survives. She keeps moving.


Sep. 17th, 2017 08:59 pm
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The hubby and I had friends over for a dinner party yesterday. I never have dinner parties. Just never. I think this is the second one in like three years. It went well but man, so very tired today and I got none of the stuff I wanted to get done. Prep started on like Thursday and consumed the weekend entirely.

Even today because wow, so pooped.

Still, it was fun and we had highly successful BBQ ribs. Our guests like the ribs so much that they traded really good brownies for ribs when they went home.

Writing this weekend was terrible. I barely managed to get a half hour's worth over the weekend. I think, if I'm lucky, I'll manage to get Morgan to realize that Quinn needs help in her life by the end of the latest chapter. But no guarantees on that. They're in that talking and getting to know each other stage when I desperately want to be moving them along into falling in love.

I mean, they're halfway there already but neither of them are going to give up easily. I need to get their friends ganging up on them soon and I can't if they keep talking forever. Darn stubborn characters with better ideas of how to fall in love than me. *grin*


I'm so tired. And sore. Cleaned the whole house, including scrubbing my bathroom fully which I haven't done in far too long. My body hurts from it all.

Goals for tomorrow include writing more than 500 words, getting this week's short story cover done, work and frankly that's all I can manage right now. I know there's more. I just can't remember it.

Off to bed sans bath as I'm too tired--goodnight everyone!

Heroine Complex by Sarah Kuhn

Sep. 16th, 2017 09:33 pm
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Heroine Complex

3/5. A cute entry in the flourishing subgenre of reimagined superhero stories, this one featuring the lady sidekick to San Francisco’s lady superhero who is her boss and her childhood best friend, and there are demon cupcakes and bloggers and Asian-American cultural issues and karaoke and lesbians and a lot of fashion.

By “cute” up there I met aggressively cute. Take no prisoners cute. So cute it verges on over-engineered.

This is good if you like this sort of thing, but want more women in your superheroes. I like that sort of thing . . . ish, but wasn’t wholly taken in by this. It has that sprint pacing of a story that is prose but really a comic at heart, and like a lot of comics it has that . . . this is going to offend people, but here goes. It has that comics sort of character work where everyone’s feelings go to 11 at all times over all things and everyone is fundamentally irrational. I find that exhausting, and not particularly interesting, so.

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Sep. 15th, 2017 10:31 pm
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Thank you for the friendly ear, and for the comments. Sometimes you just want someone to say, "... what?"

So I've been working on the new round of assignments for the full-time position I'm trying for. The trading cards mentioned last time are one example of things that can be done to get people interested in reading - I was actually leaning towards a Dia de los Muertos tombstone thingie, but nothing gelled in my head. After the *koff* chat *koff koff* with my brother, I decided to do trading cards on 21st century African American authors. Heh.

I also had to do a video book review, which is a painful exercise in "OMG I'M FAT" on top of "I WOKE UP WITH RED EYES GREAT NOW THEY'LL THINK I'M A STONER" but on the whole - not the worst thing I've done. I didn't think it was something that would tank my chances nor put me over the top.

... But something did, because I'm going on to the next round! WHOO HOO! I have an interview for the job!

Which means the next few weeks is going to be about staying calm and chill and not think about the future, which I have divided into "I will not get the job and life will suck and I will die alone and unloved" and "I get the job I move I buy a toaster oven nothing bad will ever happen again"

For those who wonder about my mental state, you are not alone.

Well, that was a lot of work

Sep. 12th, 2017 08:04 pm
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I realized that the covers I'd done for the Muirin series (7 out of 18, though the later ones won't need much adjusting) didn't look like the right genre. Which, despite their being based in a SF universe, read like fantasy, perhaps historical fantasy. So I tweaked them and I think they'll do much better now. Just tedious and a lot of work. Now I just need to finish the rest of them, get the ebooks done and I'll be ready to reupload and go wide with them.

I got another 1000 words on the novel. Quinn has been sucked into dinner with Morgan, with Morgan paying. Not sure how that'll go yet but hey, they have art to talk about as they avoid talking about their respective issues so it should be fun to write.

Didn't get my steps today but I really don't much care. I'm still battling the blahs from yesterday. Really will be glad when menopause finally hits. I want my periods to stop already.

I've started freaking out about the workshop I'm going to in October. It doesn't start until October 21st but I'm creating scenarios in my head (ridiculous impossible ones, no less), fretting about nonsense and generally stressing myself out. I do wish I wouldn't do this to myself but every single time I do. *sigh*

Goals for tomorrow include writing, getting more covers done, making casserole for dinner, working on the knit dress pattern (except probably not), and that's about it.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

Blah. Blah I say!

Sep. 11th, 2017 08:22 pm
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I think I'm staring PMS because today I was massive levels of blah at everything. I hate it when I get in that sort of a mood. I get terribly avoidant of all the stuff I want to do along with the stuff I don't want to do.

Makes me grumpy.

Despite that, I got a good bit of annoying work done. Very tedious uploading of files to a system that's slow and clunky.

And I got 1100 words on the novel done. Quinn's about to have Morgan all up in her business, trying to help even as Quinn tries desperately to avoid that because she really doesn't want anyone to know just how much of a pit her house is.

Quinn desperately needs the Unfuck Your Habitat website. Desperately.

Also got this week's collection into ebook format. It's pretty much ready to go which is lovely. If I remember to upload it at the right time instead of forgetting until late on Friday. Which is what happened last week. I got it up so late that the POD book only got approved this morning. Blargh. I had errors and had to resubmit it. Hate it when that happens.

But it's up now. Go look for The Snows of Obsession by Meyari McFarland if you're curious. My eyes are burning so I'm not linking it right now. Sorry.

Goals for tomorrow include writing, getting ready for an audit next week (internal, thank goodness), getting a bunch of work-work done, making pasta for dinner and, maybe if I'm really lucky, getting more done on the knit dress pattern. Seriously, I only need one back panel, two side panels and the sleeve. I can get this thing done. I swear. *sigh*

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

Putting my finger on it.

Sep. 11th, 2017 10:57 am
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To sum up the big picture of rattlecatcher:

A little over a year ago I got a voice in my head telling me I was quitting my job and moving back to Oregon.

In December I gave notice, and we eventually settled on a date in January.

In March I moved to Oregon. My brother, thrilled by my move, helped, and I ended up staying in Salem, near him, rather than head to Portland, as rent in Portland has approached SoCal standards, so why not go with cheap rent while looking for a job?

I got a job a few months ago! It's part-time, no benefits, and I'm still looking but OMG am I happier than I was a year ago! It's been incredible!

And then last night I hit my limit on conversations with my brother.

I want to stress one time that I love him, I love all my siblings, but we've all got about a 20-minute limit with each other that we all acknowledge and deal with, and we're all proud of the fact that we got through the deaths of our parents in a manner that did not require lawsuits. Truly, had our parents spent all their savings and died leaving five cents, we'd have each pocketed a penny and nodded, thinking that that worked out well.


How many times do I say that in almost every conversation my brother says something racist... and when do I just say my brother is racist?

When did he turn into an old white guy?

I mean, yeah, we're white. But - wtf, bro?

When we were finalizing his help on the move, he asked about me getting some friends to help haul, and I had to admit that I really didn't have any local friends who were big strong guys. "I don't even have a lot of butch dykes locally," I added.

To which he said something about how if he were to say something like that he'd get in trouble, and the conversation moved on but I was thinking, jeez, dude, you've got 90% of the world locked up and you want the rest of it? It's called sharing and you're not being asked to do a lot.

This isn't going to get better. Did I mention he's not a Trump supporter? No, seriously, he's not. )


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