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You have one more week to sign up for [info]yagkyas, a Generation Kill winter holiday fic exchange!

I'm absolutely floored with the number of people who have signed up already--yay all of you! But there's always room for more participants, so head on over to the Enlistment Post and give it a go.


Thanks to everyone who has read and commented on Combination of States. It took a long time for me to get comfortable with that story. Someone called it the "RealLife!AU" which is about as apt a description as I could go for. This is what I think happens in the GK future.

I have some other stories I've written over the past year that I need to collect here--I wrote in Remix and Femslash '10, and I want to make sure I've posted those stories. It's been kind of a dry spell for me vis a vis writing, though, and it always bums me out when I go from a period of massive inspiration to ... a lack thereof.

Anyway. Thanks for sticking with me.
templemarker: generation kill: two soldiers watching artie rain on a city (when the world ends)
Combination of States
by templemarker

Notes: This story has been on my mind for almost exactly a year. It's plagued me with insecurity and rewrites and not a few sleepless nights; it's been the fodder for countless analyzations over coffee and one particularly memorable three-hour car ride in which it was dissected to abstraction. This story is but half the story I want to tell; but it is the story that I have.

With thanks to everyone who has ever listened to me go on at egregious length, including [livejournal.com profile] dine, [livejournal.com profile] thessaliad, [livejournal.com profile] marcolette, and [personal profile] callmesandyk.

This is the penultimate part of the agentverse, which is as much an expression of an idea as it ever was a plot. So, here's my suggested reading order, with the caveat that the order is thematic, not chronological, and shouldn't be considered to take place in the same linear time. You do not need to read any of the following stories to read this story.

Only Inaction
field expediency
an ability to improvise
for the criticism of one (deterrence and provocation)
a liar, a lover, a brother in arms

You can also read this story at livejournal or on my archive.

Twenty years in the service, twenty-four embracing military life, and that devotion had only ever been tested once. )
templemarker: generation kill: two soldiers watching artie rain on a city (when the world ends)
A Day of Judgement and Reckoning
by templemarker

Note: Leshanah tovah tiktavi vetichatami! Today is the first day of Rosh Hashanah, and I celebrated by writing a little agentverse cookie for [livejournal.com profile] marcolette. With thanks to [profile] callmesandy for not only listening to me talk for ages about things, but also for running her eyes over this for me. No rabbis were assaulted in the writing of this story.

I'm going to temple, Nate,' he said, pulling on his shoes. 'I told you that this morning.' )
templemarker: generation kill: two soldiers watching artie rain on a city (when the world ends)
a liar, a lover, a brother in arms
by templemarker

Notes: I'll admit that this is a precursor to a much larger, forthcoming, piece. But [livejournal.com profile] marcolette assures me it works independently. Colbert/Fick, post-series established relationship. Title from the Anais Nin quote, "If I cannot take you for a liar or a lover, I'll take you for my brother in arms," which I nicked from the Porn Skirmish prompt list. Available here or at the archive.

Nate was on the phone with Mike Wynn at least once a week, sometimes twice if he needed to be. Mike's wife Alice was used to laughing when Nate called, passing over the phone to Mike and saying they talked more than the Wynns' teenaged daughter did on the phone. It wasn't their fault--Nate was in DC, and Mike was happily entrenched in Texas, and they had shit to talk about. )

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