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Nothing About Ecstasy
by templemarker

Notes: For [info - personal]idella in [community profile] femslash11. Takes place after the season 2 finale. Thanks to [info - personal]samjohnsson for exceptional beta services, and [livejournal.com profile] mosca and [livejournal.com profile] callmesandy for modding one of my favorite challenges! Originally posted here and here.

The associates and partners might not come here, but their investigator did. Which was how she knew of it in the first place, of course.  )
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Passing It Forward
by templemarker

Notes: For [livejournal.com profile] jain, in the '09 Femslash Ficathon. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] affectingly, for being a willing ear, and [livejournal.com profile] marcolette for beta review. This borrows from Star Trek VII: Generations, in the sense that Demora Sulu is not actually an original character. Trufax.

She's still got it.

Read this story at the Femslash Ficathon or my fic archive.
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and then she said hello
by templemarker

Notes: For [livejournal.com profile] mosca, in the '09 Femslash Ficathon. It was my pleasure to write for you, o modliest of mods! With "gentle encouragement" from your co-mod. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] marcolette.

It was nice to make someone laugh again.

Read this story at the Femslash Ficathon or my fic archive.
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Dear [livejournal.com profile] femslash09 writer,

Apparently I asked for the following:

1. Skins, Naomi/Emily
2. Grey's Anatomy, Callie/Arizona, Meredith/Cristina
3. Bones, Angela/Roxie

Wildcard fandoms I request:

1. Bandom, Hayley Williams/Charlotte Sometimes
2. The Unusuals/Numb3rs, Casey Shraeger/Liz Warner
3. Star Trek XI, Uhura/Chapel

which is actually pretty awesome now that I look at it again. I fell *hard* for Emily in this series of Skins, and my heart was breaking during that entire storyline, so anything delving into the pains of growing up and being different--but secure in your difference--would be awesome.

As evidenced by previous femslash challenges, Callie is my favorite lady of them all, and you're welcome to take her anywhere you please. What I love so much is the sense that, since her relationship with George ended, we've been watching her come into her own; grow into a person more than at any other time in her life. This Callie makes decisions, even when they're hard, and sticks to them, even when that's harder. I adore that about her, and it doesn't hurt that she's foot-trippingly gorgeous too.

With Bones, I think I mostly just really appreciated how gracefully they dealt with Angela's backstory, no judgements, no comments about her bisexuality, just acceptance of who she was. For all that, we didn't get a whole lot of Roxie on the screen, which was a shame. Watching Angela struggle with how she was happy living and how the people she loved wanted different things was surprisingly mature for the show, and if you wanted to explore that, I'd totally be onboard.

With Bandom, Hayley Williams is my guilty pleasure. She and I are from the same state, and I'm sure that has something to with why I like her so much: common experience. But I like the idea of her in an established relationship with Charlotte, and if you wanted to bypass the lead-up and just write about them picking out curtains working through the challenges of being in a relationship when you're always so far apart, or whatever strikes your fancy, that would be cool.

The Unusuals was totally a spring fandom love that I was disappointed got cancelled, and I wanted a crossover that wouldn't be expected, and this is where I arrived. Aside from how hot it would be, they are both strong women with career goals, and even if we didn't get to the sexin' I'd like a casefile, or old college friends, or whatever.

With Star Trek, I will be happy with a PWP or something drawing on TOS canon, but take it where you will.

I strongly dislike hurt/comfort, and I get bored by angst really easily. I like humor, and the drama of everyday life. You could write about two people in a relationship arguing about what kind of coffee to buy at Whole Foods and I would be rapt. I have no explanation for this, other than I like what I like, but I prefer established relationships to the hopscotch dance of new romance, and fond banter over all. I'm not so much into crack; I tend to prefer explorations into the worlds the fandoms I requested live in.

All that being said, femslash writer, I will be delighted with whatever you choose to write, because you wrote it for me. Have fun, first and foremost. Don't stress out! I'm sure I will love what you do.

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