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Two Rows Up
by templemarker

Notes: A Fringe/Hockey RPF story written because I rewatched season 1 and couldn't shake the notion. Not to mention that Joshua Jackson will always, always be Charlie from The Mighty Ducks to me, so there's a little of that too. More or less set in the first half of Fringe Season 1 with no explicit spoilers. My beta thanks to samjohnsson; this story is dedicated to you.

Also available on adamao, AO3, LJ, and DW.

Peter broke into one of his broad, winning smiles, and brandished a pair of tickets. Olivia stepped closer and took them from him--Boston Bruins, it said, vs. Pittsburgh Penguins, TD Banknorth Garden. 'Hockey?' she asked, surprised, looking up to meet Peter's pleased look. 'Hockey,' he confirmed, failing to hide his excitement. 'I got great seats. I know a guy.' )
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Vague Indefinite Riches
by templemarker

Notes: A funny little piece of turkey-related fuzz that caught me over the weekend. Set between Fast & Furious and Fast Five, gen. Thanks to perpetual_motion for quickie beta. Also available on adamao, AO3, LJ, and DW.

Thanksgiving in another country was weird. Brian wasn't entirely sure why they'd decided to celebrate it at all; it probably had something to do with the sad look on Mia's face, a look both he and Dom were complete pussies for. )
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Beverly Electric & Light
by templemarker

Notes: For [community profile] ot_chicago, filling the prompt of Beverly, Chicago. I've been to many places in Chicago, but not Beverly, so it was fun to do new research. Harry Dresden gen; this is the first time I've written in the first person since I was 15, but man, the character voice just would not be denied. My grateful thanks to [personal profile] samjohnsson for insightful, thorough beta.

The thing about Chicago was that, a lot of the time, you tended to stick around your own neighborhood. )

You have a couple more days to sign up for the [info]dresdenficathon! We'd love to have you join us.

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Between Earth and Sky
by templemarker

Notes: [livejournal.com profile] lyra_wing wrote this incredible crossover between American Gods and Supernatural, called Dust in the Wind. This story is a companion to that one. It would help to read her story first, but I think you could read either one independently or before the other. [livejournal.com profile] minim_calibre is the Dean to my Sam. Or the Sam to my Dean. Whichever one she's feeling this week. Minus the thoughts of incest. Also known as the second Supernatural story I ever wrote.

This is the story they tell about the Winchesters. )
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Boatswain and Beetlejuice
by [personal profile] minim_calibre and [personal profile] templemarker

Notes: So a billion years ago, I wrote Supernatural, and I wrote the best of it with [personal profile] minim_calibre. This is a repost of a story that was written in 2007, when this fandom still had a hold on me. Spoilers through All Hell Breaks Loose Part II. References to "For Better or For Worse," some bad puns, manly crying, and complete exposure of Min and templemarker's soft marshmallowy underbellies. There may be LOLcat references in here. Blame Minim, she has the LOLcats sickeness. There is also one wee crossover with The Dresden Files, which will not affect the story one bit if you don't know the show. Blame templemarker, she has the crossover sickness.

There are fifty-two weeks in a year, and Dean is damn well going to use every one of 'em. )
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Tom Conrad, where's my stuff? I ordered it two weeks ago and it's still not here. I want my bloody t-shirts.

I'm busily chirping away, recording podfics for the [community profile] amplificathon annual challenge (though the points system thoroughly baffles me; that will take the longest to calculate for posting, I'm sure). It's so much fun. I love recording podfic.

In preparation for my Remix signup, I reposted a whole bunch of my older fic to my fic archive. I'm not going to inundate you all with Fic Reposts, but I figured it might be worth mentioning them here in case anyone remembered them and wanted active links for them, or might want to read them for the first time. We're talking Jossverse mostly. Here's the Firefly fic.


Pickup Lines, Zoe/Wash. Written for Yuletide 2003/New Year's Resolutions 2004. They scrambled at each other’s clothes, knowing they really only had a moment’s time before someone would walk in, or shooting would begin, or Mal would get some crazy idea about saving whatever world they were currently on.

the game of charm and strange, Inara gen. There are words for what she is, words that are as old and forgotten as Earth-that-was. They are remembered, though, in the houses of the Companions, in the rituals they learn to perfection and the slight smile those of her kind wear like a second skin.

Magic Crazy as This, Simon/Kaylee. It was hard to find a well-moneyed planet this far out from the Core.

In Between Tonight and Tomorrow, Mal/Inara. This is a story they tell on Mumbai, Book says, and the table goes quiet except for eating noises.

The Soul to Crown, Inara gen. Inara closed her eyes. Though decadence was her tool of trade, she rarely afforded it to herself outside of the necessities of her work. Long baths, thick, expensive creams, rare silks and brocades: all these were welcomed, expected of her. But rarely did she let her eyes slip shut and see the things she could not have.

Garden of Simple, Simon/Kaylee. Simon wonders if he’ll ever regret having a conscience.

Black Market, Zoe gen. Zoe counts on both hands the number of times it has happened.

Faded, Book gen. Book remembers his childhood with a fineness, such as he finds in the thin pages of his ever-present Bible.
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partial uneven chaos (the fiery crash remix)
by templemarker

Notes: Original story was Out of Chaos by [livejournal.com profile] emei, for Remix Redux '09. Dark themes. AU. My thanks to the people who helped.

She wrote on the last of the parchment she had, a handful of inches from the end of a roll tucked in the back of an old magazine, wrinkled and worn but still useful.

Read this story at Remix Redux or my fic archive.
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into something rich and strange (the tempus aeternum backbeat)
by templemarker

Notes: Original story was Sea Change by [livejournal.com profile] lassiterfics and [livejournal.com profile] zempasuchil, for Remix Redux '09. With thanks to the betas who shall not be named! See notas bene at the bottom for further thoughts.

There is no true measure of time.

Read this story at Remix Redux or my fic archive.


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