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I don't have the brains to do one of those proper year-end round-ups; honestly all I have in my head right now is Jonny Lee Miller's glorious ass and half a dozen different IRS forms. But! Here are the things I received and the things I wrote for challenges, all but for the thing I wrote for Teen Wolf Holidays, which will be revealed on Saturday.

In YAGKYAS, I received the awesome Person of Interest fusion Changing Whatever It Is I'm Changing Into by the delightful waketosleep; it's Rudy and Pappy and it is glorious.

For Yuletide, I received two stories in The Eagle fandom. Then and Now by jeza_red follows Esca and Marcus all the way back from the wall, and works Esca through so many of his conflicts.

Four Seasons by amyfortuna was a Yuletide Madness treat following a year in their lives, lovely and quiet.


For YAGKYAS: vigilantibus aequitas subvenit for spirited_lizard. This one was a Nate/Brad crossover with The Good Wife, and I got super excited about this story; unfortunately, the flip side to running the challenge you're writing for is that you tend to be short on time, so there's thousands of words in my head that didn't make it into the story. Project for 2013? Anyway, I'm still pretty happy with it--I think it gets across most of the characterization points I was trying for in this AUish fusion.

For Happy Trekmas: Speedwork for nightshadow_t2. This was a fun Sulu/Chekov pwp, and I think [personal profile] perpetual_motion was amused at the amount of research I generated for a relatively short story. (It's important to know how big of a track you can put inside a starship, okay?)

I kind of overdosed on Yuletide, picking up seven pinch hits in addition to my assignment. I wrote ten thousand words in three days, at exactly the same time I was putting up YAGKYAS stories and triple-checking that everyone had a story. I don't know what I was thinking, but without [personal profile] perpetual_motion and [personal profile] samjohnsson the wonder betas I think I probably would still be desperately trying to correct the SPAG on all that nonsense. In no particular order:

Antes tarde do que nunca for crushing83; The Newsroom (US TV), Will McAvoy/Mackenzie McHale. This was delicious to write, all that Sorkin dialogue bubbling up in my head again.

Low Frequency Effects for psocoptera; Newsflesh Trilogy - Mira Grant, Georgia Mason/Shaun Mason/(Georgia Mason). I felt like I was kind of winging my way through this one, but I think I stuck the landing. Those two (three) are fucking complex to write, dudes. They don't make any sense, but they are mad crazy in love, so I figured as long as I could illustrate that and throw some snark in there it would be in line with the fandom.

the world goes on for Kass; Newsflesh Trilogy - Mira Grant, Georgia Mason/Shaun Mason. The second Newsflesh story I wrote, which I picked up as an Apocalypse Pinch Hit on Christmas Day. I actually kind of feel like the above story and this one are pretty closely linked together; if I wrote a third, they'd be sort of meditations on the Happily Ever After. (I'm not saying I'm doing to write a third, [personal profile] dira, I'm just saying if I wrote a third.) Anyway, I started to get a better handle on their voices in this one, for all that there's more dialogue in the first.

Celebration for Three Mages and a Wise Man for ayalesca; Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch, gen. I kind of love this the best of the stories I wrote? Though it can't compete with the other lovely stories in this Yuletide fandom, particularly about Thomas Nightingale. (Not that it is a competition!) It was just a treat to write in this 'verse, with these characters, and the concept of their New Year's Eve--and Peter's experience of it as a part of the Folly rather than patrol--was very real to me.

Arrows of the Field for marlowe_tops; Kings, Jack Benjamin/David Shepherd (sort of). I wish I'd had more time for this story, because there was so much more to say. The story of David, and his flight from Gilboa, is a fascinating one both in the show and biblically, and I wanted to be able to poke at it some more and see how to graft the myth onto the show. Ce la vie.

Break the Chain for Quettaser; Step Up Revolution | Step Up 4: Miami Heat (2012), Emily gen. I think this ended up more muted than I would have liked, given the vibrancy of the film, but the thing about Emily (and the Step Up movies in general) is that they gave her a dream and a bare midriff and basically nothing else. The more I thought about Step Up 4 the closer I got to this idea of how Emily got to where she was, why she was that driven. And it had some other dance movie in-jokes in there too.

Those Ever Resolute for Oparu; Good Wife (TV), Alicia Florrick/Kalinda Sharma. This is probably one of my top ten pairings, and I think I've really started to figure out how to write Alicia and Kalinda. It's quiet, and reserved, kind of like them. Alicia is such an interesting puzzle to me; I love teasing out bits of her, especially those that the show likes to wink at as well. There's more there there, and I want to get more into it later on.

Come See About Me for astralis; Haven, Duke Crocker/Audrey Parker/Nathan Wuornos. I honestly thought this would be the most popular of my stories, which it probably would have been if I hadn't forgotten to include a summary in the stupid thing until, you know, tonight. Oh well. Anyway, this started off in a weird maudlin season two place, but got to the snark and sexy pretty quickly; the story definitely didn't end up being what I thought it was going to be, but it was fun and worked for me. I love--well, okay, I love everyone, but as pertains to this story, I love Audrey and Duke's relationship and how warm it can be, even though Audrey is difficult and Duke is probably still doing illegal shit right under her nose. Anyway, hopefully you'll enjoy the lolz and the come-ons as much as I enjoyed writing them.


And that's it, except for one! Yo, before I lose you, would you mind taking a quick poll for me? I'm trying to figure out how best to post my stories, especially since LJ is kind of tanking right now.

Select all that apply:

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Thank you and seasonally appropriate greetings to you all. <3
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reach for hands that aren't there
by templemarker

Notes: Glee, Brittany/Santana for botherd in Femslash 2011. Originally posted here. My grateful thanks to [info - personal]samjohnsson for beta. This story is set following season 2.

Available on adamao, LJ, DW, and AO3.

Even after the whole private-declaration-of-love thing, Brittany still wouldn't sleep with her. )
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Two Rows Up
by templemarker

Notes: A Fringe/Hockey RPF story written because I rewatched season 1 and couldn't shake the notion. Not to mention that Joshua Jackson will always, always be Charlie from The Mighty Ducks to me, so there's a little of that too. More or less set in the first half of Fringe Season 1 with no explicit spoilers. My beta thanks to samjohnsson; this story is dedicated to you.

Also available on adamao, AO3, LJ, and DW.

Peter broke into one of his broad, winning smiles, and brandished a pair of tickets. Olivia stepped closer and took them from him--Boston Bruins, it said, vs. Pittsburgh Penguins, TD Banknorth Garden. 'Hockey?' she asked, surprised, looking up to meet Peter's pleased look. 'Hockey,' he confirmed, failing to hide his excitement. 'I got great seats. I know a guy.' )
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Vague Indefinite Riches
by templemarker

Notes: A funny little piece of turkey-related fuzz that caught me over the weekend. Set between Fast & Furious and Fast Five, gen. Thanks to perpetual_motion for quickie beta. Also available on adamao, AO3, LJ, and DW.

Thanksgiving in another country was weird. Brian wasn't entirely sure why they'd decided to celebrate it at all; it probably had something to do with the sad look on Mia's face, a look both he and Dom were complete pussies for. )
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Beverly Electric & Light
by templemarker

Notes: For [community profile] ot_chicago, filling the prompt of Beverly, Chicago. I've been to many places in Chicago, but not Beverly, so it was fun to do new research. Harry Dresden gen; this is the first time I've written in the first person since I was 15, but man, the character voice just would not be denied. My grateful thanks to [personal profile] samjohnsson for insightful, thorough beta.

The thing about Chicago was that, a lot of the time, you tended to stick around your own neighborhood. )

You have a couple more days to sign up for the [info]dresdenficathon! We'd love to have you join us.

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Between Earth and Sky
by templemarker

Notes: [livejournal.com profile] lyra_wing wrote this incredible crossover between American Gods and Supernatural, called Dust in the Wind. This story is a companion to that one. It would help to read her story first, but I think you could read either one independently or before the other. [livejournal.com profile] minim_calibre is the Dean to my Sam. Or the Sam to my Dean. Whichever one she's feeling this week. Minus the thoughts of incest. Also known as the second Supernatural story I ever wrote.

This is the story they tell about the Winchesters. )
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Boatswain and Beetlejuice
by [personal profile] minim_calibre and [personal profile] templemarker

Notes: So a billion years ago, I wrote Supernatural, and I wrote the best of it with [personal profile] minim_calibre. This is a repost of a story that was written in 2007, when this fandom still had a hold on me. Spoilers through All Hell Breaks Loose Part II. References to "For Better or For Worse," some bad puns, manly crying, and complete exposure of Min and templemarker's soft marshmallowy underbellies. There may be LOLcat references in here. Blame Minim, she has the LOLcats sickeness. There is also one wee crossover with The Dresden Files, which will not affect the story one bit if you don't know the show. Blame templemarker, she has the crossover sickness.

There are fifty-two weeks in a year, and Dean is damn well going to use every one of 'em. )
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Rules | FAQ

We're into the second week of [info]yagkyas 2011 signups! We'll keep it open until Friday, October 21st, so if you're thinking about it, head over and sign up! It's a great challenge with a lot of awesome stories--one of the most amazing small fandom challenges out there.

And in my continuing quest to charm school everyone into participating, here's another short but sweet GK vignette as participation incentive. <3


Convalescent Leave
by templemarker

Notes: In my continuing celebration of the start of [info]yagkyas 2011, a little Rudy/Pappy story for the prompt "cold medicine." Thanks to [personal profile] dira for the prompt and beta.

'C'mon,' he said. 'I need to keep warm or something, and you're the warmest thing I've got.' )
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by templemarker

Notes: For [livejournal.com profile] lady_red90 in [info]numb3rs_newyear 2010. Takes place in Season 5. I looooooooove David and Colby. Thanks to the usual suspects, and to the mods for running the challenge! Originally posted here.

'Hey, did you get milk on the way home? )
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Nothing About Ecstasy
by templemarker

Notes: For [info - personal]idella in [community profile] femslash11. Takes place after the season 2 finale. Thanks to [info - personal]samjohnsson for exceptional beta services, and [livejournal.com profile] mosca and [livejournal.com profile] callmesandy for modding one of my favorite challenges! Originally posted here and here.

The associates and partners might not come here, but their investigator did. Which was how she knew of it in the first place, of course.  )
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Rules | FAQ

I'm delighted to kick off [info]yagkyas 2011! Last year we had over forty people participate, and I am both enthused and mildly terrified to see if that gets topped this year! Signups start today, Monday, September 26th, and will run through Friday, October 21st.

Like last year, to celebrate and encourage people to participate, I'm going to toss up a few short stories here and there. You have no idea how difficult it was to keep from inserting a "Virginia is for lovers" joke in this one.


so vast the field
by templemarker

Notes: To celebrate the advent of [info]yagkyas, a small Brad/Nate vignette. With grateful, yowling thanks to [personal profile] samjohnsson for being incomparable, and [livejournal.com profile] shoshannagold for being quick on the verb draw. Set post-series.

Nate had never particularly sought happiness; he had always believed his destiny lay more in the realm of duty, in service, in something greater than himself. But he had found it nonetheless, here with Brad, here in the life they had built together. )
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Clandestine Activities
by templemarker

Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] maribouquet in [info]yagkyas in 2010. Generation Kill crossover with Covert Affairs. Set post-series, contemporary future-fic. Thanks to my dedicated beta. Originally posted here.

The first day Brad walked into Langley, he took a deep breath of recycled air and spent twenty minutes trying to find the bathroom.  )


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