Sep. 29th, 2009

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YAGKYAS assignments are out! I'm so excited, really. Thanks so much to everyone who signed up. I really hope that this can be a creative and fruitful and awesome experience for everyone.

We're starting to get secret santa letters in, and it's really fascinating to read them, because it's like a window into people's fannish perceptions. [ profile] shoshannagold mentioned that there wasn't a lot of meta in this fandom, and that seems to be true. This is kind of a wide-casting, unconnected, endlessly diverse collection of meta, in a way. It speaks to what people are thinking about the characters we all write, but seem to talk about amongst ourselves.

I'm just about to post mine--I know you're all waiting with baited breath.

I wanted to mention as well that the posting volume from the last two-three months, in terms of fic, has and will continue to drop off for awhile as I work on a couple longer projects. I'm writing a Gen Kill story that's heading towards 30 or 40k, and that's been consuming a lot of my time; and thanks to my lovely winning bidder over at the ontd_ai auction earlier this month, I've been working on a continuation of the AIRPS-Star Trek XI fusion, which will come out at about 5-6k and requires a lot of detailed thought about Starfleet. I'll try to post a couple more short stories here and there, but that's going to be my writing focus until the deadlines for the winter challenges creep up on me. Hope you stick with me! I promise, the longfic will be worth the wait.
templemarker: generation kill: two soldiers watching artie rain on a city (when the world ends)
Dear fabulously wonderful author,

This was what I requested:

Pairing Request(s): Colbert/Fick, Bryan/Kocher
Character Request(s): Bryan, Kocher

Wildcard Crossover Request: Bones

Short prompt: The National Mall isn't really a place to make out.

First of all, thank you for signing up! It makes me feel all giddy. I think it's pretty clear that I fall in line with the OTP of this fandom, and I think I've put out enough stories to give a writer a good idea of what it is I enjoy so much about Brad and Nate. But in short form, I love realism, I love established relationships, I love, dear god, curtainfic, and if I could get a thousand words on Brad and Nate bickering about which jet skis they're going to buy and where they are going to take them for their summer holiday, I would be appallingly happy.

That is not to say you should write that! Write what comes to you. But I am not much for UST or angst, I loathe the trope of "oh my god I was straight oh my god now I'm gay," having sex in theater seems like it would involve too much risk of disease and also gross smells, and kidfic doesn't really interest me either. I like seeing two competent, intelligent adults building a life together, with normal bullshit rather than drama.

With Bryan/Kocher, I think that their attitudes make them interesting mirrors of one another--one runs off at the mouth, the other bottles it up, but they are both powerful, influential, and clearly opinonated. I'd like to see what happens outside Iraq, either immediately or in the future, when these men aren't constrainted by circumstance or hierarchy. Smut is well loved with these two.

I encourage you to write gen, too, if that's your thing! A story about Bryan's secret adventure post-Iraq would be cool, or Kocher doing whatever it is Kocher does. And if you feel inspired to use the wildcard, I'll tell you, I have this idea in my head about how all the DC-based showed actually exist concurrently, so maybe Booth and Colbert go drinking together, or Fick and Brennan meet at a conference. It could be fun.

The prompt is silly; the National Mall is very windy, but I guess the Washington Monument might inspire something...

Anyway, have fun, play around, and thank you for taking part.


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