Dec. 21st, 2011

templemarker: generation kill: two soldiers watching artie rain on a city (when the world ends)
[info]yagkyas stories are live! We should have the master list up soon, to make it easier for folks to find the stories that were written for them. 39 new Generation Kill stories, be still be heart! While I never want to see another fic header again, and my holiday challenge season is far from over, I'm very pleased with the excitement and response over [info]yagkyas this year. You never know, when you start these challenges, how the fandom will react; in the case of Generation Kill fandom, there's such a sense of support and stewardship that it makes it a pleasure to run. Thank you to everyone who's participated--you're what keeps [info]yagkyas going!

I received Rudy/Pappy this year, which you may all remember is my favorite thing ever in the world. The Right Time hits all my narrative kinks and I love it to pieces. Go give it some love too! Rudy/Pappy should be shown all the love it deserves. Thank you [info]yagkyas santa!

While we put the finishing touches on the challenge this year, I wanted to point you all to a really fantastic series of posts by Matthew Phelps, a Marine Officer who came out after DADT was repealed and has been chronicaling his experiences. He's a talented writer, at least with this subject matter, and his series on taking a date to the Marine Corps Birthday Ball this year was phenomenal. Part One, Two, Three, and Four. Highly reccomended.

Now on to the [info]dresdenficathon and then, [info]yuletide!


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