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Thank you to all the lovely people who've commented on Unobstructed Views (Suits, Mike/Harvey, NC17). Nothing makes breaking into a new fandom nicer than hearing you've not completely cocked up the characterization on your first try!

I usually preface what I'm about to say with "I don't really do kink memes, but..." Clearly that is a falsehood now. secretly a reef rat exists entirely because of a kink meme. At least a third of my Generation Kill stories came from a meme. Some truly wonderful stories I've read, both abandoned and finished, have come from kink memes. I'm just going to own it: I love kink memes. I love the creative breeding ground they've become. I hate comment threading and word counts, but I love me some memes. (I also love that "kink meme" so rarely, at this point, actually means kinky. I love that kink is now a different type of noun.)

With that awesome intro, I wanted to mention a couple places I'm hammering out some fic. The WIP model is one I'm still mildly terrified of with regard to my own writing, but given it's relative success for me and my inability to leave things unfinished that I've put into the public sphere, we'll just call it kosher and go with it.

unbuttoned and unbound, on [info]suitsmeme. Harvey/Mike, prompt "Harvey, sans suit."

Like the Tide, The Eagle "Happy Gay Farmers" meme, Marcus/Esca. I kind of dropped the ball on this one, but I have it firmly clasped in my hands now. I'll probably finish this one by the end of the week.

Not to count my chickens, etc etc, but I've been really rocking in the writing as of late due primarily to this gem of a website: 750words.com. The basic deal is that, every day, you write 750 words. That's it. They're private. They can be anything. You get points and little badges if you complete the bowling scorecard along the top. There's a slight competition element, but you're essentially competing against yourself. And if you're me, you're trying to trick yourself into writing with a subtle deadline-guilt trip mechanism. This has been the perfect vehicle for fic writing for me. Write or Die doesn't allow the time for reflection mid-sentence that I need sometimes, and other tools don't guilt trip me into doing it. I am a fairly undisciplined writer--I can go months without putting my words on the page, and then in a week I can pump out eight or ten thousand words. My mother, bless her woolen socks, writes every single day with the kind of discipline I've never dreamed of having (but she always wished I'd have).

Anyway, I've been using 750words so far this month with decent success. I've managed to complete the goal 75% of the month, and I'm on a five day hot streak right now. Here's hoping I can stick with it.


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