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So, the darkly amusing thing for me about the whole Delicious debacle is that, while I've had a delicious account since it first came into existence as del.icio.us (so fucking hard to remember where those periods went) and I've basically used the service on a daily basis to locate new-to-me fanfiction or recover an updated link to 404'd fanfiction, I never actually kept that many links there.

Mostly, I kept links to stories that were off-LJ, DW, or A03, the old archives, the personal fic sites, the mailing list archives. I have nearly 6,000 memories on Livejournal, and I was certain that was going to be the thing that tanked, the thing that I lost despite a decade's worth of obsessive collecting and organization. I memorize stuff at AO3 and DW too, but there's just not as much there as there is on LJ.

But I rarely sent anything to Delicious, because it wasn't how I used the service.

Oh how bloody shocked I am to see that Avos borked Delicious before the Russians took my memories away.

I have settled on Pinboard, where I am templemarker, as my replacement for those handful of links I want to retain. And I will cautiously learn to use Pinboard, especially since I now understand how it can be used in a networking way to basically get interesting stuff dumped at you. (Subscribe to me! I am subscribing to people.) But I have to say, some part of me is laughing in a wry, mildly maniacal fashion that I somehow chose the oldest, clunkiest, most user-unfriendly way to retain links to stories, and it survived when arguably the best service did not. What the sweet hell were they thinking?
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Hello lots of new people that I've friended. I'm moving my reading from an older, underused journal to here for convenience's sake--feel free to PM me if you want those details. Otherwise hullo; you're welcome to stay, though I largely discourse on fandom and fic here, and that somewhat erratically.

I haven't spent a lot of time on this journal talking about myself--mostly this is an excellent ground for all the fandom things I have roiling around in my head, from fic to meta. I started in the fic/slash/etc. fandom over a decade ago ("decade" is my new most terrifying word) in Buffy the Vampire slayer, with [personal profile] minim_calibre as my trusty enabler. Though my fannish soul really started with Star Trek, specifically Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I committed hard to those old AOL text-based RPGs--does anyone other than me remember those?---where you went through a cadet process to become an ensign, and then were assigned to a ship, and wrote personal logs about your character, etc. etc. That was my earliest stomping ground on the internets.

But I started writing fic that I showed to other people with Buffy, and then Angel, and then Popslash ate me, followed shortly by Lotrips (thanks [livejournal.com profile] pandarus, that toaster shall always go to you) and Stargate SG-1 and SGA and The Sentinel and due South and every awesome nineties slash fandom ever there was. Harry Potter, Supernatural, The OC (STILL THE FANDOM OF MY HEART, no lie), DCU ([personal profile] minim_calibre, are you counting how many of these I can pin on you?), Smallville, Queer as Folk US, Firefly, XMM (hi new fans of XMFC! So happy to see you like my OTP), and then--bandom.

Bandom ate me whole. It was a thing. And then I stepped back, and only took to writing it in bits and bobs here are there over the last couple of years. I don't know, man. I lost the fire.

But then, amidst that, there was STXI--basically the rekindling of my first love. And Generation Kill, which has the kind of ninja-esque hold on me that any Recon Marine would be proud of; it's a fandom I don't think I will ever fully come away from.

This year, there has been Inception, and Hawaii 5-0, and The Social Network (what?) with its accompanying RPS (seriously, what?), with The Eagle and Glee making surprise appearances and XMFC on the horizon. Even when I'm atrociously busy, I still squirrel away pieces of my time to read the fanworks and the meta and the glee over all the things that make fandom my refuge and my creative stomping ground and my joy for the last mumblemumble years.

So, if I pop in and comment, this is who I am. Sometimes I fall into more of a lurker thing, sometimes I'm a pretty active commenter. Sometimes I write more, sometimes I wish I was writing more, and sometimes I look at my notebook in forlorn despair for lack of time or inspiration. But no matter what, fandom has never been far from my fingertips. And you folks are all the reason I will always come back. Thank you for your joy, your inspiration, your enthusiasm, and for sharing it with our community at large.

(And for more information on me, including where the fic and fic recs live, just check out my profile, or shoot me a message.)
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As with a couple of months ago, I'm going to be reposting some stories that I've been remiss in archiving here and on my website. In particular, my [info]femslash10 stories, as [info]femslash11 is up and open for signups. (Go, sign up!)

Just wanted to note a little excess posting volume! Please excuse, and perhaps read!
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Even when I'm not writing much (so much for that vacation!) I'm a pretty avid reader of le fic, in a thousand and one different fandoms. Mostly it's whatever tickles my fancy--right now it's a lot of The Eagle, a lot of Glee, mixed in with the Inception-Social Network (FPS/RPS)-Hawaii 5-0 trifecta that's pretty much defined 2011 for me. I'm attached to my iDevices like many a modern bibliophile, and I use Instapaper and Read It Later on a daily basis to queue up the fanfiction I want to read, which means I end up reading a lot of fic. Though arguably not more than when I was a procrastinating college student, I suppose. It's harder to justify fucking off when you're at a job you like and have a good support system in your life.

Anyway, I just wanted to mention this in case any of you folks are of the always-looking-for-something-new to read types. Here's where I obsessively maintain links to stories I've read and liked enough to want to read again.

Livejournal Memories - say what you will about LJ, but it is where all the fic is, at least from 2001 to now. This is probably my most comprehensive obsessive archiving--not just of fic, but of art and vids and the kitchen sink. Apparently I have 5191 memories? whew. You don't have to tell me it's inefficient and one of those weird legacy "features" LJ threw in like the unneeded extra bow on an overwrapped birthday gift--trust me, I have spent more time with LJ's memories function than any sane person should. But I started using memories before delicious was a gleam in some developer's eye, and it's too late for me to care to switch now.

With this, sometimes I just like to pick a fandom and play roulette. What's this fic that I memorized in 2003? I don't remember! Let's find out.

Dreamwidth Memories - same as above, only with 1100 memories. These days I'm equal opportunity when it comes to memorizing a story--whichever link, DW or LJ, comes at me first, I'll memorize it. I hate every style on both LJ and DW with a fiery passion, so ?format=light&mode=reply is my BFF on the journaling sites. (I know the navbar or whatever will do it for you, now, but a decade-old habit dies not at all. I came about my knowledge of LJ's quirky weird shit the hard way, and damn it all if I'm giving it up just because they've discovered accessibility features.)

AO3 Bookmarks - I am not the Archive's greatest champion, for reasons that do not need exploring at this juncture, but I am value neutral about where I'll read the fic. Wither it's posted, so I goeth. It's really only in the last eight months or so that I've noticed an uptick in people posting to AO3 in addition to/instead of LJ or DW, so there's only 587 stories here. ("Only." It's possible my perspective is skewed.) I would endeavor to say that most of these are Yuletides or Remixes, and some five or ten percent are the really really long stories that benefit from the Archive's hyperextended word count limit and "view all chapters" feature. Honestly, the main value I see here is the ability to render a straight HTML page that strips all the nonsense from the page except the story itself. I haven't once, in 2+ years of using the thing, gone back to these bookmarks to find a story, but whatever. There they are for those as wants them.

Delicious Bookmarks - You may ask yourself, "I wonder why templemarker doesn't move her link obsession over to Delicious where it would find a natural home?" And that's a good question whose answer starts with "I hate Yahoo, hate hate hate it." When Delicious was independent, I used it more frequently, but then in order to keep my original bookmarks I had to convert to a Yahoo account, which I was unwilling to do. I grudgingly went back to Delicious a couple of years ago when I did a complete overhaul of my bookmarks/memories/stories I liked, and needed a place to dump links from things that weren't archived on LJ or DW. And then it became more useful when kink memes came into vogue. But because I archive mostly through the LJ memories tool, it's just not needful for me to use it except in those instances.

Of course, the first place I go now when I'm trying to scout a link for a story I can't find is Delicious, but that's because other fanpeople are far more rabidly dedicated to link archiving on there than I am. It's also handy if I'm trying to find a story that's been 404'd out or when the author has deleted their site/journal/whatever and moved to another name or URL with no forwarding information. So thank you, fellow obsessives, for being more willing to overcome the unpleasantness of Yahoo than I am. (I know Delicious and Yahoo are breaking up, but it's too late now!)

DeviantArt Favourites - I really only made this to see NSFW Inception art, but am kind of half-assedly favouriting things now. I am not an artist myself, nor will I ever expect to post things on there, but you can like or friend or whatever over there if you care to. Mostly this is to periodically see if artists I like have made anything new.

So, there you have it. It's a lot of links, and I'm sure if I were to start from scratch I'd just consolidate it in one place, but I guarentee--with these, you will never want for something to read again. True fact.
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Helloooooooo, lj/dw! Particularly hello to all the rockin' people I met at Pacificon ([info]bitchinparty)--I had a really great time and hopefully didn't exuberate too much about how much Star Trek likes carrots.

This seems like a useful time to post Useful Information About Me. So here it is!

I am [personal profile] templemarker on DW and [livejournal.com profile] templemarker on LJ. I have an AO3 account, which is located here, but at this time I'll only be using it to participate in the challenges that are held there (namely Yuletide and Remix) for reasons that do not need exploring at this juncture.

All posts, including fiction and podfic, are cross-posted to LJ and DW. Fiction should be universally available from either place under the "will write for pancakes" tag, though it's also broken down by fandom. Fiction and podfic are also available at my personal archive, which I try to update reasonably quickly, life permitting.

Podfic is crossposted between LJ and DW, as well as [community profile] amplificathon and [info]amplificathon. It's permanently archived at the Audiofic Archive, and is usually first put in the podfic folder of my Mediafire account as well. I do take requests for podfic, with the caveat that I'm not comfortable reading explicit sex aloud, and I'm always delighted when an author gives me general permission to record their stories.

If you add me on either service, I will add you back! I will try to do it in a timely fashion, but sometimes I fail at time. I do receive and reply to comments on both services, and everything is crossposted between the two. I don't favor one service over the other, but I do like having my data backed up.

I am perhaps alarmingly multifannish, but generally speaking you're going to find me talking about Generation Kill, the Star Trek universe, or political philosophy. Or political philosophy in Gen Kill or Star Trek.

I really love feedback on what I'm doing, whether it's meta or podfic or fic, and I try to reply to every comment, but see above re: time and my failure with it. I also love lurkers (hi lurkers!) and hope you find something you enjoy here. I don't really discuss my RL here, but it's worth mentioning that I have a chronic illness which will sometimes sweep me under the knees and deliver a roundhouse kick to the head, and I will disappear for protracted lengths of time. Sorry in advance if I do a disappearing act.

Anyhoodle. Now that all that business is out of the way, I really want to cut my teeth on some prompts. Leave me some in the comments? Fandom, character/pairing, random word. Anything I've written in before (check the tags) or anything you know I like (I'm looking at you [livejournal.com profile] callmesandyk!).
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Thank you very much to the kind people who gave me snowflakes! I'm pretty sure I've missed why snowflakes are flying all over the place, but I do appreciate it! *mwah*

I am buried under real life drama and sweating through fic writing to deadlines, hence radio silence. But I'm excited about the things I'm working on! And I hope to share them all with you soon.


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