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Hey Jealousy by [personal profile] celli
Read by [personal profile] templemarker

Story: G, Cook/Archuleta, 1049 words
Podfic: MP3, 5:55, 5.47MB
Download via mediafire; permanent link soon enough.

Notes: Thanks to [personal profile] celli for permission and for last-minute pronunciation advice. :) This story was very amusing to read.
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On Beginnings
by templemarker

Notes: This was the first AI story I ever started writing! For a long time this languished under a text file called "wtf polar bear airps.txt." It didn't get picked up until I read [livejournal.com profile] summerstorm's prompt at the Fall Fandom Free For All. It's not really a PWP, but I hope you enjoy it anyway! With a loving spoonful to [livejournal.com profile] marcolette for services rendered and the canonically helpful [livejournal.com profile] wynterwolf47.

As soon as the hotel room door clicks shut on the faces of the happy, nervous survivors of the other groups and the more blank ones of busy PAs, Adam moves his stuff to the far bed, turns to Kris, and says, 'I like cock.' )
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There's a desktop meme floating around, and I thought I'd take advantage of it to show my own secret shame.

Okay, they bumped that massively brilliant Brendon and Spencer picture that came out several weeks ago, and that was a very hard decision, because look at them. But then, every time I minimize the sixty five billion things I have open and stare at how ridiculously amazing those two dudes look up on that stage, being their own selves, unself-consciously and without reservation (...probably), it just squeezes something happy in my chest. Hi, boys. Thank you for making my desktop stare-worthy.

My desktop at home is this picture, because I keep thinking about John Connor and Terminator Cameron and get all twisty and thinky and stuff. It's just so fucked up. So fucked up. I love it.

I also keep refreshing the ontd_ai charity auction BB waiting for my name to show up, and trying not to be all panicky that it's not up there yet, because I'm on the fourth page of the comments and I'm SURE THEY ARE GETTING TO ME. But you see, I'm going to be out of town embroiled in fifty kinds of family drama for a sibling wedding, and I sincerely doubt that Hicktown, Georgia will have any signal to feed my iPhone. So I won't be able to obsessively refresh my page, when it shows up, to see if anyone bid on my offers. I have ceded that duty to [livejournal.com profile] marcolette, who has gamely agreed to let me know if anything has happened.

This is going to be an interesting week.
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I don't know if this will take off, but I hope it does! [info]idolmeta is doing a charity author auction, and I've thrown myself up on the auction block. It's for Adam Lambert's Donors Choose fund, and while I would be entirely happy if Adam Lambert led his life blissfully unaware that there are entire swathes of people devoted to reading, writing, and promoting slashfic about his sparkly behind, I do think it is a most excellent cause, and am happy to contribute.

Here's my rubrick:

AUTHOR: templemarker
USERNAME: [personal profile] templemarker
EMAIL: templemarker at gmail.com
Offer 1: One (1) 2-3 thousand word story.
Offer 2: Two (2) one thousand word stories.
RESTRICTIONS: Kris/Adam is most likely, Archuleta/Cook is a distinct possibility, Archuleta/Allison also potentially on the table.
ANYTHING ELSE: For any bid $25-40 I'll throw on an either an extra thousand words to option one, or an extra 1k story to option 2. Any bid $40-55, double that. I'll accommodate general prompts, i.e. pairing, genre, prompt device (picture, phrase, idea), but not specific requests unless previously negotiated and agreed upon. If there are folks who want a 500-1000 word story for a $10 donation, I'd be up for that as well.
ANYTHING YOU WOULD LIKE ADDED OR CHANGED: See above re: $10 one-shot ficlets. Also, fic will be posted publicly and to my archive, so please keep that it mind if you wanted something private.
I AM OFFERING: Separate bids for the two offers, please, and $10 one-shots, limit five. (That feels like a bartender joke.)
STARTING MINIMUM BID FOR MY OFFERS: $10, or a flat $10 that gets you the relative certainty of a one-shot (LIMIT FIVE).

My thread is here; The auction opens on September 1st, and closes the 7th. To bid, register here, and have your thread-monitoring email-checking senses on the awares. I hope this works! And that someone will want fic by me! But it's out there anyway, and I hope you're moved by the Lambert to donate, and get a little story in return.

ETA: If you liked the Star Trek fusion story, I can promise you right now that this is the only way you'll get more of it. :) I have no plans to expand further on it otherwise, but for the right bidder I could be convinced.
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And Babylon's Right Next Door
by templemarker

Notes: I don't have a sweet clue how I ended up writing this, but I do know that it is all [livejournal.com profile] marcolette's fault. American Idol RPS? What? It's like I looked up and got assaulted by actual in-fact homosexuality. Between that and Kris Allen's general, uh, Kris-ness, I was clearly doomed. And by doomed I mean porn. For [community profile] kink_bingo, square "aphrodisiacs." NC17 out the wazoo; this is as close as I get to crack fic. DON'T DO DRUGS. Read it here or at the archive.

Kris had left Katy for all of six weeks when he decided he wanted to go out.  )


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