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So it wasn't so much "30 Days of Questions" for me as it was "Thirty questions. When will I have time to finish this?" That time is now!

Questions 21-30 behind the cut.  )

Now, question for the watchers: is it really annoying to have so much fic posted in a week? Or it is okay, good even? Because I have a lot of stuff to post, but I don't want to annoy folks.
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Yeah, so on that consistency thing? Clearly no danger.

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My god, Rizzoli and Isles is amazing. Seriously, if these characters were dudes, this fandom would be Inception. It is SO GAY, people. SO GAY in the classical slash sense. <3
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Posting three days in a row! If I'm not careful I might end up being consistent.

There's a fic writing meme going around that I thought I might take a crack at. It's been awhile since I've been especially introspective about fic writing, so hey. Opportunity and all that.

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And finally, in honor of the sheer amount of joy I have regarding Mssrs. Kanye and Jay-Z's "Watch the Throne," here's two cover songs that show you why they are the illest motherfuckers around. Their rhymes work, bitches. Recognize.

This whole album is rad, but the Jay-Z cover turned me on to Hugo.

God damn, this delicate creature just fucking owns this song. Damn, girl. Damn, Kanye.
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There's a fic commentary meme floating around! I've never done one of those, so, since I keep breaking all my rules for Inception fandom (I love you, Inception fandom!) I thought I might throw myself out there.

All my fic can be found under the will write for pancakes tag on LJ or DW, and also at my fic archive, which I think is actually easier to navigate overall and is pretty much comprehensive. Well, comprehensive for anything I wrote between probably 2004-2011.

And yes, I'll commentate on any Gen Kill fic too. And reef rat, if people are interested.

(not that I'm procrastinating on [info]i_reversebang, no siree.)

eta: I seriously cannot stop staring at this picture.

ngh. It doesn't help, either, that I just got to the Young Justice episode where Bane is introduced and I'm mentally overwriting the actor's voice with t-hard's.


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