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It turns out that this is what 6'4" looks like for me:

My roommate is 6'4", and ever since I got into Generation Kill fandom and its obsession with Brad and Nate's respective heights, I've been eyeing Roommate, trying to figure out what being that tall actually feels like. I told Roommate as much: "So what is it like to be that tall?"


"'Cause I'm writing these characters who are about your height."

Today we decided to do a practical experiment to block my scene. Bless Roommate. He does indulge me sometimes.

We started with about five cookbooks, which are pretty thin, and that brought me up to just over his shoulder. My mother's college Complete Shakespeare put my sightline at his nose; the Joy of Cooking brought it dead on. At that point, our heads were about five inches from the ceiling.

Roommate ran and got the measuring tape, and I was just shy of 6'4" standing on all those books. I'm 5'9 and a tetch, which is a pretty respectable female height. I'm taller than many of the lady-people I hang out with. But I don't think I really understood how seven inches of height difference changes your perspective until I was teetering around on a bunch of books, seeing the world from where Roommate sees it.

Practical Experiment in Fic Writing: concluded.
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Sorry for not answering comments swiftly! I really appreciate them all. Life, you know, it gets busy. Anyway, I'm (re)posting this other story right now, but I wanted to mention that every comment is the most ridiculous day-brightener, so thank you all, and I promise I will reply individually as soon as I can.


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