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I keep fic and fandomy-type things here. Friend away; there is no locked content here. Also available at Livejournal; content is posted synchronously and comments are responded to in both places.

I am templemarker on DW and templemarker on LJ, Tumblr and Twitter.

You can find me at Pillowfort or on Discord as templemarker#2562.

Older fanworks are available at my archive and LJ/DW. Eventually I hope to archive everything at AO3; but over twenty years I've produced...a lot of stuff, so it's slow to glacially going.

A majority of my podfic is archived at the Audiofic Archive and my podfic folder at Mediafire or at Amplificathon [DW]/Amplificathon [LJ].

I do take requests for podfic, but offer no guarentees it will get made.

I'm always delighted when an author gives general permission to record their stories -- consider making a blanket permission statement on your AO3 profile if you welcome podfics of your fanworks. You can add yourself to the Fanworks Permission Statements List too!

You are welcome to podfic, illustrate, remix, translate, or otherwise create works from my fanworks as long as you provide a credit and link to me and the original works.

I really love feedback on what I'm doing, whether it's meta or podfic or fic, and I try to reply to every comment, but see above re: time and my failure with it. I also love lurkers (hi lurkers!) and hope you find something you enjoy here. I don't really discuss my RL here, but it's worth mentioning that I am disabled which will sometimes sweep me under the knees and deliver a roundhouse kick to the head, and I will disappear for protracted lengths of time. Sorry in advance if I do a disappearing act.

You can find links to all the places I have recced and bookmarked stories here. You're welcome to visit and/or follow my Pinboard -- it's typically current with whatever I'm reading and like.
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