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Between Earth and Sky
by templemarker

Notes: [livejournal.com profile] lyra_wing wrote this incredible crossover between American Gods and Supernatural, called Dust in the Wind. This story is a companion to that one. It would help to read her story first, but I think you could read either one independently or before the other. [livejournal.com profile] minim_calibre is the Dean to my Sam. Or the Sam to my Dean. Whichever one she's feeling this week. Minus the thoughts of incest. Also known as the second Supernatural story I ever wrote.

This is the story they tell about the Winchesters. )
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Boatswain and Beetlejuice
by [personal profile] minim_calibre and [personal profile] templemarker

Notes: So a billion years ago, I wrote Supernatural, and I wrote the best of it with [personal profile] minim_calibre. This is a repost of a story that was written in 2007, when this fandom still had a hold on me. Spoilers through All Hell Breaks Loose Part II. References to "For Better or For Worse," some bad puns, manly crying, and complete exposure of Min and templemarker's soft marshmallowy underbellies. There may be LOLcat references in here. Blame Minim, she has the LOLcats sickeness. There is also one wee crossover with The Dresden Files, which will not affect the story one bit if you don't know the show. Blame templemarker, she has the crossover sickness.

There are fifty-two weeks in a year, and Dean is damn well going to use every one of 'em. )
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On the Use of Weapons by [personal profile] cofax7
Read by [personal profile] templemarker

Story: Gen, Ellen Harvelle, 1596 words
Podfic: MP3, 9:03, 8.28MB
Download via mediafire; permanent link soon enough.

Notes: I experimented a little with tone in this story. Ellen, as a character, is someone who can effectively assess her area of operation from good training and years of practice; I tried to show her speaking voice as different from her internal narrative, which I think would be much more clipped and practical. Here's hoping it works for you. Thanks to [personal profile] cofax7 for blanket permission. I love this story.
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Another repost, also from 2007. I was charmed by the notion of doing podfic as a birthday present, and [livejournal.com profile] destina's came up. I picked one of my favorite stories of hers, a delighful SPN RPS story that has Jensen being wooed by candy hearts. So I present a blast from the past:

Sweet Talk, by [livejournal.com profile] destina
Read by [personal profile] templemarker

Story: SPN RPS, Jared/Jensen, PG13, 3k words
Podfic: Available from the audiofic archive.
Podbook: Available from the audiofic archive courtesy [personal profile] cybel.

Original podfic notes:
I've been tooling around with podfic for awhile, on and off. This one was a lot of fun, but it's also rough in places, due to the poor quality of my laptop microphone and the new software I was using. It blurps in one place I couldn't fix, and you can hear the unpleasant whir of my laptop fan. It brings the sound quality down some, so sorry about that.

The lead-in and -out track is "60B" by Nancy Wilson, which is from the Elizabethtown soundtrack and a lovely piece of music. Also, there are places where I go a bit Southern in the reading. It's not my fault! It's the boys being Texan!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

Happy previous (and future!) birthdays, [livejournal.com profile] destina!


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