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I don't have the brains to do one of those proper year-end round-ups; honestly all I have in my head right now is Jonny Lee Miller's glorious ass and half a dozen different IRS forms. But! Here are the things I received and the things I wrote for challenges, all but for the thing I wrote for Teen Wolf Holidays, which will be revealed on Saturday.

In YAGKYAS, I received the awesome Person of Interest fusion Changing Whatever It Is I'm Changing Into by the delightful waketosleep; it's Rudy and Pappy and it is glorious.

For Yuletide, I received two stories in The Eagle fandom. Then and Now by jeza_red follows Esca and Marcus all the way back from the wall, and works Esca through so many of his conflicts.

Four Seasons by amyfortuna was a Yuletide Madness treat following a year in their lives, lovely and quiet.


For YAGKYAS: vigilantibus aequitas subvenit for spirited_lizard. This one was a Nate/Brad crossover with The Good Wife, and I got super excited about this story; unfortunately, the flip side to running the challenge you're writing for is that you tend to be short on time, so there's thousands of words in my head that didn't make it into the story. Project for 2013? Anyway, I'm still pretty happy with it--I think it gets across most of the characterization points I was trying for in this AUish fusion.

For Happy Trekmas: Speedwork for nightshadow_t2. This was a fun Sulu/Chekov pwp, and I think [personal profile] perpetual_motion was amused at the amount of research I generated for a relatively short story. (It's important to know how big of a track you can put inside a starship, okay?)

I kind of overdosed on Yuletide, picking up seven pinch hits in addition to my assignment. I wrote ten thousand words in three days, at exactly the same time I was putting up YAGKYAS stories and triple-checking that everyone had a story. I don't know what I was thinking, but without [personal profile] perpetual_motion and [personal profile] samjohnsson the wonder betas I think I probably would still be desperately trying to correct the SPAG on all that nonsense. In no particular order:

Antes tarde do que nunca for crushing83; The Newsroom (US TV), Will McAvoy/Mackenzie McHale. This was delicious to write, all that Sorkin dialogue bubbling up in my head again.

Low Frequency Effects for psocoptera; Newsflesh Trilogy - Mira Grant, Georgia Mason/Shaun Mason/(Georgia Mason). I felt like I was kind of winging my way through this one, but I think I stuck the landing. Those two (three) are fucking complex to write, dudes. They don't make any sense, but they are mad crazy in love, so I figured as long as I could illustrate that and throw some snark in there it would be in line with the fandom.

the world goes on for Kass; Newsflesh Trilogy - Mira Grant, Georgia Mason/Shaun Mason. The second Newsflesh story I wrote, which I picked up as an Apocalypse Pinch Hit on Christmas Day. I actually kind of feel like the above story and this one are pretty closely linked together; if I wrote a third, they'd be sort of meditations on the Happily Ever After. (I'm not saying I'm doing to write a third, [personal profile] dira, I'm just saying if I wrote a third.) Anyway, I started to get a better handle on their voices in this one, for all that there's more dialogue in the first.

Celebration for Three Mages and a Wise Man for ayalesca; Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch, gen. I kind of love this the best of the stories I wrote? Though it can't compete with the other lovely stories in this Yuletide fandom, particularly about Thomas Nightingale. (Not that it is a competition!) It was just a treat to write in this 'verse, with these characters, and the concept of their New Year's Eve--and Peter's experience of it as a part of the Folly rather than patrol--was very real to me.

Arrows of the Field for marlowe_tops; Kings, Jack Benjamin/David Shepherd (sort of). I wish I'd had more time for this story, because there was so much more to say. The story of David, and his flight from Gilboa, is a fascinating one both in the show and biblically, and I wanted to be able to poke at it some more and see how to graft the myth onto the show. Ce la vie.

Break the Chain for Quettaser; Step Up Revolution | Step Up 4: Miami Heat (2012), Emily gen. I think this ended up more muted than I would have liked, given the vibrancy of the film, but the thing about Emily (and the Step Up movies in general) is that they gave her a dream and a bare midriff and basically nothing else. The more I thought about Step Up 4 the closer I got to this idea of how Emily got to where she was, why she was that driven. And it had some other dance movie in-jokes in there too.

Those Ever Resolute for Oparu; Good Wife (TV), Alicia Florrick/Kalinda Sharma. This is probably one of my top ten pairings, and I think I've really started to figure out how to write Alicia and Kalinda. It's quiet, and reserved, kind of like them. Alicia is such an interesting puzzle to me; I love teasing out bits of her, especially those that the show likes to wink at as well. There's more there there, and I want to get more into it later on.

Come See About Me for astralis; Haven, Duke Crocker/Audrey Parker/Nathan Wuornos. I honestly thought this would be the most popular of my stories, which it probably would have been if I hadn't forgotten to include a summary in the stupid thing until, you know, tonight. Oh well. Anyway, this started off in a weird maudlin season two place, but got to the snark and sexy pretty quickly; the story definitely didn't end up being what I thought it was going to be, but it was fun and worked for me. I love--well, okay, I love everyone, but as pertains to this story, I love Audrey and Duke's relationship and how warm it can be, even though Audrey is difficult and Duke is probably still doing illegal shit right under her nose. Anyway, hopefully you'll enjoy the lolz and the come-ons as much as I enjoyed writing them.


And that's it, except for one! Yo, before I lose you, would you mind taking a quick poll for me? I'm trying to figure out how best to post my stories, especially since LJ is kind of tanking right now.

Select all that apply:

Where should templemarker post her fic?

Where should templemarker announce her fic?

Thank you and seasonally appropriate greetings to you all. <3
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I am breaking my six months of silence! Boom!

Guys, seriously, I think I broke something after December. Running two challenges and participating in three more (including a six-story Yuletide blitz) tapped me out.

I did the Canadian shack thing because hello, nostalgia; and I did Remix because I feel such a sense of loss when I don't. But other than that? Nada.

I have signed up for pod_together and the GK podfic thing--if you've read Dira's fab PTSD story this week, for some crazy reason I think I can record its 60 thousand words by August, so stay tuned for that one.

But to be honest, the thing I am most excited for is [community profile] kink_bingo, because that challenge always kickstarts me.

[personal profile] mementis made me clutch my pearls.

Dear [personal profile] perpetual_motion, where is my Bruce Banner porn? I am certain I was promised Bruce Banner porn, homie.
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I have two secret santa letters that are woefully overdue. I apologise, people who received me! The life-work balance hasn't been so great, as of late, but I am striving to do better. So, belatedly but with great affection, here's my letters to the recipients of my YAGKYAS and Dresden Ficathon assignments. Thank you to everyone who has signed up for participating in the challenges this year! It means a lot to me as a mod to have so many folks choose to spend their time writing for these challenges.

Dresden Ficathon:

First of all, <3 for signing up for this challenge. I hope you enjoy it, and that it's a fun way to spur on some writing over the next couple of months. I'd be happy with anything--gen, featuring any of the characters I listed, or slash with Harry and John. I'd love a crossover (or a fusion!) with Haven, though you shouldn't feel any pressure to go there. During the holiday season, I gravitate much more towards mellow and happy fic. Angst doesn't comfort me, though if that's where your writing takes you, don't be afraid to go there! Drama is good too. I like humour, and porn, especially porn where the participants are laughing, but I'd be just as happy with a PG rated story as a more explicit one.

I guess what I'm saying, O Delightful Fanperson, is that I want to read the story that you best want to write, and you should feel free to take the liberties you need to accomplish that story. Have fun. Don't stress out! I'm going to love what you do, especially if you love what you do.



You rock for taking this challenge on! Thank you for participating. See above for all my words about writing to your strengths, what you're interested in, etc. I want to read the story you want to write! That being said, I love Rudy and Pappy, and especially Rudy/Pappy, and I would happily enjoy a gen or slash story that features them both prominently. I also chose Evan (Reporter) as a featured character because, in the forward to RL!Rudy's book, he was so damned fond of Rudy that it came out through the pages. I'd love to read a story that shows how Rudy and Evan kept in touch after the initial embed.

I prefer realism very, very strongly to fantasy in this fandom, but I would be happy with any rating from gen to explicit. If you go the slash route, I like curtainfic and romantic comedy more than the angst and the drama, but you should definitely go where your writing takes you. For the Hawaii 5-0 crossover, feel free to do it however you like--traditional crossover, fusion--but I'd prefer not an AU. I don't really want to see Rudy Reyes play Steve McGarrett, no matter that they both could scale thirty-story buildings with their belts and a stick of gum. I think it would be hilarious to see the Navy SEAL-Recon Marine jokes that could come out of these characters being in the same scene, but use your own best judgement.

In short, I love Rudy Reyes. I'd love it if you could tell me a story about him.


So, Yuletide has still not started up, which I guess is the usual--it always makes me nervous, though, as both a challenge moderator and challenge participant, when the window gets ever narrower on signup to deadline. I feel like you need at least two months to prepare, as a participant, and it seems like Yuletide has gone from three months to two months to six weeks, which is bizarre given the sheer number of participants.

Usually I pick up three or four pinch hits there, too, which is always fun (and manic--gear up, [personal profile] minim_calibre, this is the real reason iMessage was deployed). I'm also pinch hitting for happy_trekmas, which is a trip; I haven't written Star Trek in a couple of years now. And I'm doing dream_holiday, which I feel weirdly uneasy about despite still loving Inception from afar.

If [info]jamponygifts happens again this year, I will be fucking delighted. I want to write Dark Angel again, but I'm not sure I have any stories independent of a prompt for someone else.

I love challenges. They're so...challenging. (Leave me alone, it's far too late for me to be anything but recursive.) What challenges are folks doing this year?
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Author: [personal profile] templemarker
Fandoms: Suits, Rizzoli & Isles, Hawaii 5-0, Southland, Generation Kill
Kinks: Authority figures, wrist/ankle restraints, danger, mirrors and doubles, sleepy/unconscious

Tripping the Line [Suits, Harvey/Mike, PG-13] "authority figures"

Economy of Reaction [Jane/Maura, Rizzoli & Isles, NC-17] "wrist/ankle restraints"

red line overload [Hawaii 5-0, Danny/Steve, NC-17] "danger"

Control of the Switch, [Southland, John Cooper/other, NC17] "mirrors/doubles"

the great attraction of insomnia, [Generation Kill, Brad/Nate, NC-17] "sleepy/unconscious"

This was my card. )

That was exhilerating and quite challenging; I wrote in two new fandoms for me, Southland and Rizzoli & Isles, and I haven't done a bingo since 2009. Yay [community profile] kink_bingo.
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So it wasn't so much "30 Days of Questions" for me as it was "Thirty questions. When will I have time to finish this?" That time is now!

Questions 21-30 behind the cut.  )

Now, question for the watchers: is it really annoying to have so much fic posted in a week? Or it is okay, good even? Because I have a lot of stuff to post, but I don't want to annoy folks.
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Yeah, so on that consistency thing? Clearly no danger.

Questions 11-20 behind the cut. )

My god, Rizzoli and Isles is amazing. Seriously, if these characters were dudes, this fandom would be Inception. It is SO GAY, people. SO GAY in the classical slash sense. <3
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Posting three days in a row! If I'm not careful I might end up being consistent.

There's a fic writing meme going around that I thought I might take a crack at. It's been awhile since I've been especially introspective about fic writing, so hey. Opportunity and all that.

Questions 1-10 behind the cut. )

And finally, in honor of the sheer amount of joy I have regarding Mssrs. Kanye and Jay-Z's "Watch the Throne," here's two cover songs that show you why they are the illest motherfuckers around. Their rhymes work, bitches. Recognize.

This whole album is rad, but the Jay-Z cover turned me on to Hugo.

God damn, this delicate creature just fucking owns this song. Damn, girl. Damn, Kanye.
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Thank you to all the lovely people who've commented on Unobstructed Views (Suits, Mike/Harvey, NC17). Nothing makes breaking into a new fandom nicer than hearing you've not completely cocked up the characterization on your first try!

I usually preface what I'm about to say with "I don't really do kink memes, but..." Clearly that is a falsehood now. secretly a reef rat exists entirely because of a kink meme. At least a third of my Generation Kill stories came from a meme. Some truly wonderful stories I've read, both abandoned and finished, have come from kink memes. I'm just going to own it: I love kink memes. I love the creative breeding ground they've become. I hate comment threading and word counts, but I love me some memes. (I also love that "kink meme" so rarely, at this point, actually means kinky. I love that kink is now a different type of noun.)

With that awesome intro, I wanted to mention a couple places I'm hammering out some fic. The WIP model is one I'm still mildly terrified of with regard to my own writing, but given it's relative success for me and my inability to leave things unfinished that I've put into the public sphere, we'll just call it kosher and go with it.

unbuttoned and unbound, on [info]suitsmeme. Harvey/Mike, prompt "Harvey, sans suit."

Like the Tide, The Eagle "Happy Gay Farmers" meme, Marcus/Esca. I kind of dropped the ball on this one, but I have it firmly clasped in my hands now. I'll probably finish this one by the end of the week.

Not to count my chickens, etc etc, but I've been really rocking in the writing as of late due primarily to this gem of a website: 750words.com. The basic deal is that, every day, you write 750 words. That's it. They're private. They can be anything. You get points and little badges if you complete the bowling scorecard along the top. There's a slight competition element, but you're essentially competing against yourself. And if you're me, you're trying to trick yourself into writing with a subtle deadline-guilt trip mechanism. This has been the perfect vehicle for fic writing for me. Write or Die doesn't allow the time for reflection mid-sentence that I need sometimes, and other tools don't guilt trip me into doing it. I am a fairly undisciplined writer--I can go months without putting my words on the page, and then in a week I can pump out eight or ten thousand words. My mother, bless her woolen socks, writes every single day with the kind of discipline I've never dreamed of having (but she always wished I'd have).

Anyway, I've been using 750words so far this month with decent success. I've managed to complete the goal 75% of the month, and I'm on a five day hot streak right now. Here's hoping I can stick with it.
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Heads up, homeskillets--it turns out that I'm a big flake who can't keep track of what she writes, so this morning I will be reposting some portion of the seventeen stories I wrote in 2009-2010 and never collected here or at my archive. Sorry for the posting frequency, considering I'm usually a once-a-week kinda gal, and usually that's a new story. But I hope you find something to enjoy in this rather mixed bag--I would love to know if you like 'em!

Also, I started reading [livejournal.com profile] ymorton's The Social Network political!au, which dovetailed into a fruitful afternoon wandering my way through that improbable fandom. (Thanks for the rec, [livejournal.com profile] shoshannagold!) This essentially proves what I've always kind of figured--that one well-written au is enough to pimp me into any fandom ever. So, you know, food for thought.
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You have one more week to sign up for [info]yagkyas, a Generation Kill winter holiday fic exchange!

I'm absolutely floored with the number of people who have signed up already--yay all of you! But there's always room for more participants, so head on over to the Enlistment Post and give it a go.


Thanks to everyone who has read and commented on Combination of States. It took a long time for me to get comfortable with that story. Someone called it the "RealLife!AU" which is about as apt a description as I could go for. This is what I think happens in the GK future.

I have some other stories I've written over the past year that I need to collect here--I wrote in Remix and Femslash '10, and I want to make sure I've posted those stories. It's been kind of a dry spell for me vis a vis writing, though, and it always bums me out when I go from a period of massive inspiration to ... a lack thereof.

Anyway. Thanks for sticking with me.
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I've been a little buried in the long story of unending longness, and by a little I mean since the end of August. Good news: halfway through. Not as good news: still halfway to go. But it's all good. Really. Probably.

[info]yuletide is open for fandom nominations, and Yuletide and I have had a long relationship. It's my favorite challenge of the year; I have ignored my family on Christmas Day in favor of reading the stories. I love it. This is what I nominated:
  • Generation Kill (tv)
  • The Middleman (tv)
  • NCIS: Los Angeles
  • Numb3rs
  • Psych
  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

I'm hoping GK makes the cut, crossing my fingers and other appendages; I know Leverage got a reprieve for another year, but our little fandom has generated a lot of fic since last October, and I'm hoping no one realizes it.

In other fandom news, I'll be the featured author at [info]idolmeta's Ask the Author tonight. I haven't written an AIRPS cookie since the long story of longness overtook my life, but maybe people will want to talk to me anyway. :) Even if you're not in AI, you're welcome to come by and talk to me anyway about my stories, my writing, fandom, whatever. It's open! We're friendly! I don't (generally) bite!

[info]yagkyas is under two months out from deadlines--so exciting!--and I have some plans for the hallowed day, November 10th, so keep an eye out for that. And I'll try to resurface from google docs sooner rather than later.
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YAGKYAS assignments are out! I'm so excited, really. Thanks so much to everyone who signed up. I really hope that this can be a creative and fruitful and awesome experience for everyone.

We're starting to get secret santa letters in, and it's really fascinating to read them, because it's like a window into people's fannish perceptions. [livejournal.com profile] shoshannagold mentioned that there wasn't a lot of meta in this fandom, and that seems to be true. This is kind of a wide-casting, unconnected, endlessly diverse collection of meta, in a way. It speaks to what people are thinking about the characters we all write, but seem to talk about amongst ourselves.

I'm just about to post mine--I know you're all waiting with baited breath.

I wanted to mention as well that the posting volume from the last two-three months, in terms of fic, has and will continue to drop off for awhile as I work on a couple longer projects. I'm writing a Gen Kill story that's heading towards 30 or 40k, and that's been consuming a lot of my time; and thanks to my lovely winning bidder over at the ontd_ai auction earlier this month, I've been working on a continuation of the AIRPS-Star Trek XI fusion, which will come out at about 5-6k and requires a lot of detailed thought about Starfleet. I'll try to post a couple more short stories here and there, but that's going to be my writing focus until the deadlines for the winter challenges creep up on me. Hope you stick with me! I promise, the longfic will be worth the wait.


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