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2016-10-09 09:04 pm
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Dear Yulewriter, 2016 Edition

::blows dust off everything::

Hello, tidings, thank you for writing!

I am very much about optional details are optional, and I am very bad about, uh, well, prompting. I'm more of a "hey, I like this" without too much details. But! I am very easy to please.

My one thing is that, around the holidays, I'm more inclined towards lighthearted, slice of life, happy endings stories than ones that dig into the dark bits of the canon or characters. That doesn't mean you have to shove them into an Ikea and pretend there's no shadows! I'd just rather read about the marker falling a little more on the good than the bad.

Fandoms are listed alphabetically.

Lucifer (TV)
[Lucifer, anyone]

I am just in love with everything about this. I've been sitting with the comics for years and love them dearly, so you're welcome to pull from there if you like, but don't feel like you have to do so if you're not familiar with it!

Mostly I love Lucifer -- the way Tom Ellis portrays such a wonderful mixture of vulnerability and bravado is perfection. So focusing on him would be welcome.

I'm open to just about any iteration -- gen, het, slash -- with any of the characters. I do love Lucifer and Chloe, and how he's changed because of her, even if he doesn't particularly know why. And I adore Trixie's adoration of Lucifer as well, and how uncomfortable but affectionate it make Lucifer.

I'm also very into the Big Picture storyline, the family melodrama mixed with the judeo-christian mythology and how it impacts the life on human-filled earth.

I am up to date with the show and will be throughout the fall, so you're welcome to write it as close to canon as you care to do so. I'd prefer no AUs, and if you're going with an AR I'm more into the fork-in-the-road kind of AR than the what-if-there-were-dragons sort. Have fun with it!

Possible Scenarios:

- Lucifer and the bemoaning of Christmas
- Lucifer and Amanadiel being bros, especially Amenadiel's older-brother poking at Lucifer, even though Amanadiel would be younger, right?
- Lucifer doing nearly anything with Trixie, with or without adult supervision
- Lucifer, Amenadiel, and Mum dining with the Deckers

Fandom-specific dislikes: alternate universes, hating on Don outside of the usual Detective Douche business

Tone preference: a little closer to heaven than purgatory

Rivers of London
[Peter Grant, Beverly Brook]

I adore Beverly. She's a perfect cocktail of sexy, practical, and light-hearted, and I think Peter needs her, very much, in his life. I would love to see Peter's imperfect attempts to set up dates, or Bev's careful erosion of Peter's hang-ups as they build their relationship. Future-fic would also be lovely -- where do a wizard and a river end up in ten years, together? Do each of their mums badger them for grankids enough that it does happen?

Don't feel compelled to go holiday themed, though you're welcome to do so, but I would love to see a light-hearted, romancey vibe, and how Peter begins to adult more.

Possible Scenarios:

- Peter nutting up and asking Bev out on dates, and being rubbish at it, because the boy has rarely dated before
- Beverly being there, more and more, without Peter explicitly realizing how close and important she's become, until he gets a cluestick to the head
- Futurefic, ten years gone: does Bev even want to be a spouse? Does Peter, given how his parents' relationship turned out? What do wizard-river children end up being, other than awesome?
- Crossover with Law and Order (UK), because the negotiation of those two verses would be hilarity, and I adore the notion of Alicia Phillips being Peter's cousin who has very little time for his fanciful job.

Fandom-specific dislikes: Over-veneration of Nightengale, female characters interpreted as bitchy, slagging off Lesley, whinging too much about Lesley

Tone preference: More sharing a bedsit in the country than face-melting villains.

Stranger Things (TV)
[Nancy Wheeler, Jonathan Byers, Steve Harrington]

I have a thing about seeing what characters we meet as teenagers are like as adults, because the gulf between 17 and 35 is vast and terrible.

I very much want to see this OT3 ten or twenty years on. Maybe they meet up again at the high school reunion, and sparks fly? Maybe two of them got together, in college or something, and reel the third one back into their lives? Or, and this is something I itch for a bit, maybe in ten or twenty years they are all together (from whenever: high school, college, early twenties, wherever you find it most plausible and interesting) and they've figured out their lives together. What does that look like? Who are they, as adults? Who are they, with each other? What do they do? What curtains do they buy???

Ahem. Inquiring minds would love to know. You're welcome to pull the horror element in there if it works for you, but I'll be just as happy with a slice of life fic as an adventure story, if they're together (or getting together) as adults.

Possible scenarios:

- Patrick Henry HS invites you to our Twenty Year Reunion! RSVP with your Guest!
- College is the chance to get away. What do you do when you run into your HS gf/bf(s)? How have you changed? How have they? Is there still something there?
- Apartment hunting in the city for three people. "So you have...roommates?"
- They may have jobs, they may have an adult relationship, but the thrill of monster hunting....never dies.

Fandom-specific dislikes: alternate universes, alternate realities, bad-talking any of the OT3 except in relationship-relevant ways, Nancy portrayed as weak or in need of protection

Tone preference: More sleeping in the same room, less watching your best friend die.
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2013-10-13 08:06 pm
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YAGKYAS Secret Santa Letter

Dear YAGKYAS writer,

You rock for taking this challenge on! Thank you for participating. I love Rudy and Pappy, and especially Rudy/Pappy, and I would happily enjoy a gen or slash story that features them both prominently. I'm a complete sucker for domestic curtain!fic. What Rudy and Pappy's lives might be like after separating, or generally Stateside, would be joyful.

In short, I love Rudy Reyes. I'd love it if you could tell me a story about him.

I prefer realism very, very strongly to fantasy in this fandom, but I would be happy with any rating from gen to explicit. If you go the slash route, I like curtainfic and romantic comedy more than the angst and the drama. I love established relationship.

But at the end of the day, author!anon, I want to read the story that you best want to write, and you should feel free to take the liberties you need to accomplish that story. Have fun. Don't stress out! I'm going to love what you do, especially if you love what you do.

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2013-10-10 10:10 pm
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I'm enlisting in YAGKYAS 2013! Hoo-rah!

I'm so excited to have another year of YAGKYAS! Please join us--it's the best motherfucking challenge in the world, homes.
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2013-07-14 11:16 am
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GK Anniversary Rewatch

This is the fandom of my heart. I WILL NEVER QUIT YOU.

GK5 Rewatch Banner
Banner created by Femmequixotic

P.S. YAGKYAS will be starting up in September! Mark your comm frequencies and follow/RSS the YAGKYAS LJ community!
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2013-01-02 10:43 pm

insert appropriate boyband song title here [2012 winter challenge index]

I don't have the brains to do one of those proper year-end round-ups; honestly all I have in my head right now is Jonny Lee Miller's glorious ass and half a dozen different IRS forms. But! Here are the things I received and the things I wrote for challenges, all but for the thing I wrote for Teen Wolf Holidays, which will be revealed on Saturday.

In YAGKYAS, I received the awesome Person of Interest fusion Changing Whatever It Is I'm Changing Into by the delightful waketosleep; it's Rudy and Pappy and it is glorious.

For Yuletide, I received two stories in The Eagle fandom. Then and Now by jeza_red follows Esca and Marcus all the way back from the wall, and works Esca through so many of his conflicts.

Four Seasons by amyfortuna was a Yuletide Madness treat following a year in their lives, lovely and quiet.


For YAGKYAS: vigilantibus aequitas subvenit for spirited_lizard. This one was a Nate/Brad crossover with The Good Wife, and I got super excited about this story; unfortunately, the flip side to running the challenge you're writing for is that you tend to be short on time, so there's thousands of words in my head that didn't make it into the story. Project for 2013? Anyway, I'm still pretty happy with it--I think it gets across most of the characterization points I was trying for in this AUish fusion.

For Happy Trekmas: Speedwork for nightshadow_t2. This was a fun Sulu/Chekov pwp, and I think [personal profile] perpetual_motion was amused at the amount of research I generated for a relatively short story. (It's important to know how big of a track you can put inside a starship, okay?)

I kind of overdosed on Yuletide, picking up seven pinch hits in addition to my assignment. I wrote ten thousand words in three days, at exactly the same time I was putting up YAGKYAS stories and triple-checking that everyone had a story. I don't know what I was thinking, but without [personal profile] perpetual_motion and [personal profile] samjohnsson the wonder betas I think I probably would still be desperately trying to correct the SPAG on all that nonsense. In no particular order:

Antes tarde do que nunca for crushing83; The Newsroom (US TV), Will McAvoy/Mackenzie McHale. This was delicious to write, all that Sorkin dialogue bubbling up in my head again.

Low Frequency Effects for psocoptera; Newsflesh Trilogy - Mira Grant, Georgia Mason/Shaun Mason/(Georgia Mason). I felt like I was kind of winging my way through this one, but I think I stuck the landing. Those two (three) are fucking complex to write, dudes. They don't make any sense, but they are mad crazy in love, so I figured as long as I could illustrate that and throw some snark in there it would be in line with the fandom.

the world goes on for Kass; Newsflesh Trilogy - Mira Grant, Georgia Mason/Shaun Mason. The second Newsflesh story I wrote, which I picked up as an Apocalypse Pinch Hit on Christmas Day. I actually kind of feel like the above story and this one are pretty closely linked together; if I wrote a third, they'd be sort of meditations on the Happily Ever After. (I'm not saying I'm doing to write a third, [personal profile] dira, I'm just saying if I wrote a third.) Anyway, I started to get a better handle on their voices in this one, for all that there's more dialogue in the first.

Celebration for Three Mages and a Wise Man for ayalesca; Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch, gen. I kind of love this the best of the stories I wrote? Though it can't compete with the other lovely stories in this Yuletide fandom, particularly about Thomas Nightingale. (Not that it is a competition!) It was just a treat to write in this 'verse, with these characters, and the concept of their New Year's Eve--and Peter's experience of it as a part of the Folly rather than patrol--was very real to me.

Arrows of the Field for marlowe_tops; Kings, Jack Benjamin/David Shepherd (sort of). I wish I'd had more time for this story, because there was so much more to say. The story of David, and his flight from Gilboa, is a fascinating one both in the show and biblically, and I wanted to be able to poke at it some more and see how to graft the myth onto the show. Ce la vie.

Break the Chain for Quettaser; Step Up Revolution | Step Up 4: Miami Heat (2012), Emily gen. I think this ended up more muted than I would have liked, given the vibrancy of the film, but the thing about Emily (and the Step Up movies in general) is that they gave her a dream and a bare midriff and basically nothing else. The more I thought about Step Up 4 the closer I got to this idea of how Emily got to where she was, why she was that driven. And it had some other dance movie in-jokes in there too.

Those Ever Resolute for Oparu; Good Wife (TV), Alicia Florrick/Kalinda Sharma. This is probably one of my top ten pairings, and I think I've really started to figure out how to write Alicia and Kalinda. It's quiet, and reserved, kind of like them. Alicia is such an interesting puzzle to me; I love teasing out bits of her, especially those that the show likes to wink at as well. There's more there there, and I want to get more into it later on.

Come See About Me for astralis; Haven, Duke Crocker/Audrey Parker/Nathan Wuornos. I honestly thought this would be the most popular of my stories, which it probably would have been if I hadn't forgotten to include a summary in the stupid thing until, you know, tonight. Oh well. Anyway, this started off in a weird maudlin season two place, but got to the snark and sexy pretty quickly; the story definitely didn't end up being what I thought it was going to be, but it was fun and worked for me. I love--well, okay, I love everyone, but as pertains to this story, I love Audrey and Duke's relationship and how warm it can be, even though Audrey is difficult and Duke is probably still doing illegal shit right under her nose. Anyway, hopefully you'll enjoy the lolz and the come-ons as much as I enjoyed writing them.


And that's it, except for one! Yo, before I lose you, would you mind taking a quick poll for me? I'm trying to figure out how best to post my stories, especially since LJ is kind of tanking right now.

Select all that apply:

Where should templemarker post her fic?

Where should templemarker announce her fic?

Thank you and seasonally appropriate greetings to you all. <3
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2012-12-21 10:49 pm
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YAGKYAS 2012 Stories Live!


We're are so excited to reveal the stories for the fourth annual You Ain't Generation Kill, You Ain't Shit Winter Holiday Fic Challenge! (This is why we abbreviated it to YAGKYAS.)

Every recipient has a tag, and that's the best way to find your story! But here's a master list of all the YAGKYAS stories, in alphabetical order by recipient. Thank you to all our authors, and especially to our wonderful pinch hitters! Remember to leave feedback--it really brings the holiday spirit.

And for everyone - Good Cookies! We'll keep the thread open until it gets quiet, so come in to squee about stories you love, keep writing to prompts, and share the holiday cheer!

Master list here!

(Now to go pass out in a grave. Keep watch for me, devil dogs.)
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2012-12-04 10:07 pm

reach for hands that aren't there by templemarker [Glee, Brittany/Santana, NC17]

reach for hands that aren't there
by templemarker

Notes: Glee, Brittany/Santana for botherd in Femslash 2011. Originally posted here. My grateful thanks to [info - personal]samjohnsson for beta. This story is set following season 2.

Available on adamao, LJ, DW, and AO3.

Even after the whole private-declaration-of-love thing, Brittany still wouldn't sleep with her. )
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2012-11-25 10:36 pm

Two Rows Up by templemarker [Fringe/Hockey RPF, gen]

Two Rows Up
by templemarker

Notes: A Fringe/Hockey RPF story written because I rewatched season 1 and couldn't shake the notion. Not to mention that Joshua Jackson will always, always be Charlie from The Mighty Ducks to me, so there's a little of that too. More or less set in the first half of Fringe Season 1 with no explicit spoilers. My beta thanks to samjohnsson; this story is dedicated to you.

Also available on adamao, AO3, LJ, and DW.

Peter broke into one of his broad, winning smiles, and brandished a pair of tickets. Olivia stepped closer and took them from him--Boston Bruins, it said, vs. Pittsburgh Penguins, TD Banknorth Garden. 'Hockey?' she asked, surprised, looking up to meet Peter's pleased look. 'Hockey,' he confirmed, failing to hide his excitement. 'I got great seats. I know a guy.' )
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2012-11-25 08:48 pm

Vague Indefinite Riches by templemarker [Fast and Furious, gen]

Vague Indefinite Riches
by templemarker

Notes: A funny little piece of turkey-related fuzz that caught me over the weekend. Set between Fast & Furious and Fast Five, gen. Thanks to perpetual_motion for quickie beta. Also available on adamao, AO3, LJ, and DW.

Thanksgiving in another country was weird. Brian wasn't entirely sure why they'd decided to celebrate it at all; it probably had something to do with the sad look on Mia's face, a look both he and Dom were complete pussies for. )
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2012-11-05 11:51 pm
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nothin's gonna stop us now

Guys, I don't know what it means that a terrible soap opera that was on the air nearly a decade ago can still do this to me, but I visited Berkeley last week and ever since I've been jonesing for The OC. And not even, like, Seth/Ryan, which was the best of the stuff out there. No. I still want Ryan/Taylor, the ship of my ship, the heart of my heart, that pairing like five other people even paid attention to because the show got cancelled earlier due to the travesty that was the third season.

How am I still upset about this?

BRB gonna go watch terrible vids on Youtube commemorating the hotness that was Ben McKenzie and Autumn Reeser fooling around.
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2012-10-03 10:38 am
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YAGKYAS Sign-ups Close Friday!

Rules | FAQ

You've got three more days, to get in formation! Main sign-up post with all the rules and links is right here.
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2012-09-16 10:39 pm
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YAGKYAS 2012 Enlistment!

Rules | FAQ

It's that time of year once more! Please join us for year four of the invasion challenge--YAGKYAS, a Generation Kill Holiday Fic Exchange.

Important dates:

Signups start Sunday, September 16th, and will run through Friday, October 5th at midnight PST.

Assignments will go out by Wednesday, October 10th.

The Secret Santa letter post will go up Wednesday, October 10th.

Stories are due on Monday, December 10th, at midnight PST.

The Good Cookie threads go up at [profile] combat_jack on Sunday, September 16th, Monday October 15th, Thursday, November 15th, and Monday, December 10th.

Stories will be made public by the mod on Friday, December 21st, and names will be revealed Saturday, December 29th.

Learn more and sign up at the enlistment post!
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2012-07-08 11:36 pm
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2012-07-06 11:20 pm
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pssh. at least I still know my login credentials.

I am breaking my six months of silence! Boom!

Guys, seriously, I think I broke something after December. Running two challenges and participating in three more (including a six-story Yuletide blitz) tapped me out.

I did the Canadian shack thing because hello, nostalgia; and I did Remix because I feel such a sense of loss when I don't. But other than that? Nada.

I have signed up for pod_together and the GK podfic thing--if you've read Dira's fab PTSD story this week, for some crazy reason I think I can record its 60 thousand words by August, so stay tuned for that one.

But to be honest, the thing I am most excited for is [community profile] kink_bingo, because that challenge always kickstarts me.

[personal profile] mementis made me clutch my pearls.

Dear [personal profile] perpetual_motion, where is my Bruce Banner porn? I am certain I was promised Bruce Banner porn, homie.
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2011-12-29 08:20 pm

this ain't no saturday in philidelphia

Well, I have to say, this has been one of the busiest holiday times I've had in a lot of years! [info]yagkyas was just as big as last year, coordinating about 40 new Generation Kill stories through the challege. I was so delighted to receive The Right Time, a wonderful Rudy/Pappy story by [livejournal.com profile] demonic_fish. There's just not enough Rudy/Pappy in the world, and it makes me so happy that this exists!

For [info]yagkyas, I wrote two stories: first, the Haven/Generation Kill crossover Family Confidence which posits Nate Fick as Nathan Wuornos' cousin (not that kind of cousin). Honestly, I wish it could have been more fleshed out, but I'm very glad it exists and it was fun to try and figure out.

Second, I wrote Not Only the Living, a Battlestar Galactica-Generation Kill fusion that makes Bravo Two the Colonial Marines on Galactica in the show. I was ecstatic to be able to write this--I'd wanted to do a BSG fusion for a long time, and to be able to do it for [info]yagkyas was the icing on the cake. I think it should make sense to folks who aren't too familiar with BSG--just think of Bravo Two as Space Marines--but I'm also proud, because I think it was a solid fusion that showed the potential of mashing the two fandoms together.

Because I'm ridiculous, I also modded the [info]dresdenficathon, the first time that challenge had been run since 2008. Dresden Fandom poses some interesting challenges--namely, it's not really a cohesive fandom in the least--but we got 18 awesome new stories out of it, which I encourage you to check out. I didn't receive a story for [info]dresdenficathon, but I did write two stories, both about Harry Dresden and Harry Raith. The first is Trade in Kind, which is about Thomas' proclivities not being as put-upon as the books suggest (or as Harry thinks); and Facing Down, about Thomas and Harry and the stupid things Morgan le Fay's sons do. It's been fun writing Dresden--I haven't written much, so this was a great opportunity to be more active in the fandom.

I did the Inception [info]dream_holiday exchange as well, writing To Continually Descend, a Penrose steps PWP featuring Arthur and Eames, which was cute, and a lot of fun. I received Of Postcards and Love Notes, which was a beautiful multimedia story about the correspondence between Arthur and Eames over the course of their relationship. It's just lovely. <3

Also, earlier this month, I did a couple of pinch hits for [info]happy_trekmas. First, Countermeasures, a Star Trek XI story with Jim Kirk and Bones McCoy and the challenges of the holidays. I also wrote The Vertical Expression of a Horizontal Desire, a Star Trek Voyager Paris/Kim story where Tom takes Harry dancing. That was a lot of fun to write--I hadn't thought about Voyager in years.

And then there was Yuletide. I contributed 6 stories to the main Yuletide challenge this year, which I will enumerate after the new year. I was so lucky to receive two stories this year, both of them for Haven. The first, Two Men, One Woman and a Christmas Tree, is adorable and hilarious, and the second, Proverbial Trees, is wonderfully slow and nuanced with an amazing Nathan perspective. Thank you, Yuletide santas. <3

And now, well. I'm going to watch 24/7 Flyers-Rangers and try to muddle through the last few days of the year. I think I'm going to go see the Portland Winterhawks play for New Year's Eve, and I'm pretty excited for the Winter Classic on Monday. (Have I mentioned I love hockey? I love hockey. Hockeyyyyyyyy.) Mostly, though, I just want to sleep--maybe even until the new year. <3, everyone, especially [livejournal.com profile] shoshannagold, my co-mod for [info]yagkyas this year, and to everyone who helped me get through the last month. It's been a trip.
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2011-12-21 12:57 pm

YAGKYAS! And other things!

[info]yagkyas stories are live! We should have the master list up soon, to make it easier for folks to find the stories that were written for them. 39 new Generation Kill stories, be still be heart! While I never want to see another fic header again, and my holiday challenge season is far from over, I'm very pleased with the excitement and response over [info]yagkyas this year. You never know, when you start these challenges, how the fandom will react; in the case of Generation Kill fandom, there's such a sense of support and stewardship that it makes it a pleasure to run. Thank you to everyone who's participated--you're what keeps [info]yagkyas going!

I received Rudy/Pappy this year, which you may all remember is my favorite thing ever in the world. The Right Time hits all my narrative kinks and I love it to pieces. Go give it some love too! Rudy/Pappy should be shown all the love it deserves. Thank you [info]yagkyas santa!

While we put the finishing touches on the challenge this year, I wanted to point you all to a really fantastic series of posts by Matthew Phelps, a Marine Officer who came out after DADT was repealed and has been chronicaling his experiences. He's a talented writer, at least with this subject matter, and his series on taking a date to the Marine Corps Birthday Ball this year was phenomenal. Part One, Two, Three, and Four. Highly reccomended.

Now on to the [info]dresdenficathon and then, [info]yuletide!
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2011-12-18 11:29 am
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Comic Books: An Introduction for the Interested Moviegoer

Hey there, Slash Reporters! If you've stumbled here, it means you might've listened to this week's episode of Slash Report. I had the delightful pleasure of joining [info - personal]mklutz and [info - personal]rageprufrock on this week's episode to wax philosophical about comic books, aka the thing I love most in the world that isn't Generation Kill.

Comics are--well. Comics, and its insane fandom, are about the craziest shit in Western media there is. The main characters, and comic book titles, have been around for more than seven decades. They've gone from 10-cent cheap weeklies for boys to squabble over to a respected, robust creative industry to the relative mainstream media they are now. Every major (and most of the minor) heroes have died, most of 'em have been revived or had their mantle passed on to another individual, and just like in 1938 when Superman was first introduced to the world, fanpeople have been eagerly stalking their local comic book stores or desperately hitting refresh on their iPads to read the newest issue to find out what happens next.

I started reading comic books when I was a teenager. I was obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and a friend of mine (from the internet!) offered to send a bunch of already-read Buffy comics my way. I had never really thought about comics--which was suprising, because I was the girl that played Magic with the boys in the back of the band room--but figured anything to do with Buffy was all right with me.

Then came Sandman.

Then came [personal profile] minim_calibre and her dangling Birds of Prey in front of me like a shiny toy.

And the rest, shall we say, was history. And a $35 per month reading habit.

Not everyone is going to be as devoted to and obsessed with comics as I am. That's okay! It's also totally okay if your interest in comics is peaked from watching X-Men First Class, or Captain America, or Batman: The Dark Knight. That's what those movies are for: to introduce you to a world of entertainment that you might not otherwise have been interested in.

I went over a bunch of great comics to ease you into the media with this week's episode of Slash Report, and provided some links for you to get started. But I thought it might also be helpful for folks who haven't been moved to read any comics before to provide a quick primer of where to start.

The thing to note with all of these recs, though, is that the characters and situations you see in the films tend to be stories unto themselves. The graphic novels and issues I'm going to point you to won't be exactly the same characters as on the big screen--but you should give them a chance, because they're pretty freakin' amazing. (A parallel would be Star Trek XI--you didn't need to watch all of Star Trek's canon before you watched the eleventh film, but it is definitely worth going back to check it out.)

Comic Books for Moviegoers, Marvel Version

If you liked Thor, try Thor by Walter Simonson. The eighties were a revolutionary period for comic books--authors had license to go out and experiment in ways they weren't allowed to in earlier years, and a lot of titles got rebooted into new versions. Simonson's work is generally credited with making Thor exciting and relevant again, and it still holds up two decades later. This is a good way to become more familiar with Thor's backstory.

If you liked X-Men First Class, try New X-Men Volume 6. The key thing to remember about X-Men is that the cast of characters for this particular section of Marvel is huge, and the story is only occasionally about Magneto and Professor X and their decades of tragic manpain. Most of the time, it's about Xavier's students and the hero team he builds. Grant Morrison, who is one of the comics industry's top authors, constructs a solid introductory story to Magneto's antipathy towards the X-Men and Xavier in particular. For a broader look at some of the greatest X-Men stories told, I reccommend this list, which is a pretty decent guide. Just...be prepared from some rad eighties hair and a few bikini thongs.

If you liked Captain America, I highly, highly reccomend Captain America Omnibus, volumes one, two, and three. This is the fifth version of Captain America, and headed by Ed Brubaker this story is easily one of the best recent Marvel series period. Don't let the title of the second volume dissuade you--if you want to know about Steve and Bucky, Steve and Tony, and just how amazing Steve is, these are the books for you. Top notch writing and storytelling, even in the middle of the stupid Civil War.

If you liked Iron Man and Iron Man 2, do not stop, run directly into the arms of Iron Man Extremis. Now, I caution that this is a book that doesn't really resemble the world of the film much at all, but what it does do is explain Tony Stark. This illustrates Tony's relationship with Iron Man, and the kind of dissociative relationship he has with his hero self. It's so tightly paced and written--I mean hell, it's Warren Ellis--and the story is just amazing. Even talking about it makes me want to read it again. ComicMix also has some additional suggestions for good titles to read once you've read Extremis from cover to cover.

I don't think anybody liked Hulk--it's gotten a really poor treatment in cinema in the last decade, which is a shame, because there's a lot of potential there. The Incredible Hulk #240, "Let Darkness Come" is a heartbreaking story that shows us Hulk's compassion and loyalty. The Incredible Hulk, "The End" by Peter David (<3) makes the Hulk's wish come true, with awful consequences. Give Bruce Banner a try! He'll be appearing in the Avengers.

If you liked Spiderman, um, well, I will probably like the new one a lot better than the previous three if only because they won't have Tobey Maguire. But Spiderman is a key hero within the Marvel Universe, so I'm going to give him a little credit here. If you're just interested in Spidey, and not so much how he plays in the rest of the MU, I'd steer you to Ultimate Spiderman, which incepted a lot--I mean a lot--of people into loving the web-spewing wonder. For a quick jaunt through Peter Parker's world (man, Marvel loves alliteration), I'd suggest the 10 Greatest Stories, because it's self-contained but will introduce you to everyone.

Comic Books for Moviegoers, DC Version

I have a whole rant about how disjointed DC's movie franchise is, but I won't repeat it here. Suffice to say, they do kind of a shitty job, especially compared to Marvel. And they don't do as many, as often. But we'll mine the back catalogue for you anyway.

If you liked The Dark Knight, there is free therapy available in the lobby. I kid, I kid. The first two have been really stellar films, and jump-started Batman back into the public consciousness. It's been broadly assumed that The Dark Knight was based on and influenced by Frank Miller's Batman series by the same name, which may or may not be the case. Suffice to say that Miller's Batman stories are not where I would start anyone looking for an introduction to the character, but let your own judgement prevail. I'd start with Year One, and use that as a jumping off point for The Killing Joke and The Long Halloween. But I also maintain that the Bruce Wayne: Murderer/Fugitive story arc is amazing, because it not only gets you Batman, but it introduces you to the entire fucked up, dysfuctionally wonderous Batfamily. At least, it incepted me, so there you go.

They haven't made a film yet about Dick Grayson (except for the execrable Batman & Robin) , Jason Todd, Barbara Gordon, Cass Caine, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown, or Damian Wayne yet, but I can point people to books on any of of those Batfamily characters upon request.

If you liked Superman Returns, well, there's nothing quite like that out there. Absolute All-Star Superman is Grant Morrison's take on Big Blue, and he does a fine job. Lex Luthor: Man of Steel is one of my favorites, because it inverts expectation in a delightful way and makes you root for Luthor the way only Smallville could. Kingdom Come is an alternate universe future and a self-contained story that gives the darker edge, if that's your thing.

If you liked Catwoman, um. Let's just skip ahead. I loooooove Selena. Catwoman, version 2 volume 1, is a great place to start for a very entertaining series of stories by Ed Brubaker. But I also love the contained story When in Rome, which was just delightful to read when it was being produced. Tim Sale does absolutely beautiful stylistic art in this, and Jeph Loeb's story is charming while still pointing to that thread of deceit that's inherent in the Catwoman title. Love it.

If you liked Green Lantern, first of all, Hal Jordan is a tool and thankfully he is not the only Green Lantern. There's a bunch of them. There's hundreds of them, actually, but only a few over time that have been assigned to the sector of space including Earth. But if you want to read about Hal, the original Earthman GL, try Green Lantern Rebirth. However, I really like The Sinestro Corps War, because it is awesome and features a wide cast of characters. ([profile] perpet_fic, I expect you to give better recs than me in the comments.) (ETA: More suggestions from perpet in the comments.)

Also, if you liked Green Lantern, try Green Arrow! I'm almost glad they haven't made a Green Arrow movie, because the Arrows are my second favorite after the Bats and I looooooove Roy Harper. Year One does a superb job of introducing you to the ridiculousness that is Oliver Queen, but for my pennies I like Kevin Smith's (yes, that Kevin Smith) Quiver and subsequent volumes better. Roy Harper, Oliver's first sidekick and hero in his own right, is a character designed to make you cry, but I love him all the more for it. Try Outsiders. I love it so.

Fundamentally, DC just hasn't made as many films from their titles, for any number of reasons. But DC has a rich history of stories and a wide field of characters that are equal to Marvel--especially in terms of slashiness, to where it concerns slash fandom. (In both the male and female persuasions, can you dig?) There's also the whole section of film adaptions that have shit-all to do with the mainstream superheroes, so--

Comic Books for Moviegoers, Other Titles Version

Alan Moore's Watchmen remains one of the germinal critiques of superhero culture to date. They did a decent job with the film, but the book is so much better--though it's probably best read shortly after reading some of the above titles.

Andy Diggle's The Losers is significantly different from the film by the same name. There's a lot more depth, more stories told, and a resolution to the whole arc that the film just couldn't achieve. It's a great action-political story with some tight art.

Alan Moore's V for Vendetta is--well, I'm going to get tired of calling Alan Moore revolutionary, but he was, and this story was. Highly reccomended for even the most casual of comics interest.

Don't even talk to me about The League of Extraordinary Gentleman movie; it doesn't exist for me. But the graphic novel basically fueled the invention of Steampunk, and offers a rollicking good tale of intrigue and investigation. If you like the idea of Sherlock Holmes and Spooks, give this a go.

For anyone who's watching Grimm or Once Upon a Time right now, drop the clicker and run straight for Bill Willingham's Fables, which did it first and did it better. We talk about it in the podcast, but this is an engrossing story using the fairy-tales-are-real convention.

Powers is a big, big favorite of mine by Brian Michael Bendis, aka my personal hero. If you like noir, if you liked Watchmen, if you like basically any procedural on television, you will like Powers.

The Authority gave us the canonical relationship between male heroes Apollo and Midnighter, and while it's worth reading for that alone there's so much more. Thank you, Warren Ellis, for being grumpy with comics and revolting by creating this.

If you liked, uh, any of the movies Robert Downey Jr. was in while he was on drugs, try Transmetropolitan. That's either a glowing or insufficient reccomendation, but these books are fucking brilliant so give 'em a try.

This really only begins to plumb the depths; there's just so much more that I feel even this primer is inadequate. Things I wasn't able to get to: the dominance of male heros and male authors who write the books about male heroes; the recent shift in DC comics to reset everything; what an "event" is and why Civil War is a perfect example of how terrible they are; how many times Superman and Captain America have died. But it should at least get you started, and you're always welcome to come back and ask me for more.

Resources for the Nascent Comic Book Reader

First of all, find your local store. Those nerds behind the counter are going to be your best, most knowledgeable and opinionated resource for comic books. Don't let the whole "girl in the comics shop" thing dissuade you. You are there to give them money in a down economy; don't take any shit, and only walk away with what you're interested in, not what they think you'll be interested in. I hate that this is still a pervasive characteristic of the fandom, but it is, even though I've always had really positive relationships with my comic book store vendors.

Most older traders and issues aren't terribly expensive. You can usually find them used for the price of a new paperback book. Just be warned that comics grow like mold in your house, and they take up a lot of room. For the last five years I've been focusing more on digital comics, so I have more detail on those resources than on hard copies.

On your computer, your Android or your iDevice, Comixology is an excellent resource for reviewing, purchasing, and reading digital comics. They're reasonably priced to the print versions, and their back catalogue is constantly growing. Excellent easy entry into comics, especially the older titles that are being digitized.

DC, Marvel, and many of the smaller publishing houses all have individual applications for purchasing and reading their digital comics, but Comixology is better by far--not in the least because you don't have to switch applications just to read a different title.

For as long as there have been digital scanners, there have been people scanning comic books to digital files. I'm not going to give you direct links to where you can obtain them, but torrents are key. Demonoid.me is probably the best online repository of digitally scanned comics out there, and it's reasonably well curated. There may or may not be a livejournal community dedicated to these efforts as well, but I'm not going to publically post the name of it.

To manage those files, I really love ComicRack, which pulls down metadata on all your files and organizes everything for you in a really neat fashion. Comical and CDisplay are both programs that allow you to read scanned comic files, in their native formats, on your desktop. ComicBookLover is singlehandedly the best application to organize digitally scanned comics on your iDevice. I'm sure there's a comparable one for Android, but I'm not aware of it.

ComicVine and the Comic Book Database are very helpful resources when you're trying to figure out how to order your new collection, or in what order to read things. Goodreads is actually a pretty solid source for guidance on what to read and in what order as well, as long as you're going by the graphic novel trades.

Scans Daily on DW is a great community of dedicated fans who regularly talk about comics and will provide you with the best education on the hilarity that is comics fandom. Comic Store News is a fandom newsletter that routinely rounds up not only fiction, but pieces of meta and fanworks around comics.

And...that's all I've got. For now, anyway. This really serves to get you all into reading comics; for an introduction to comics as a fandom, and to comics as a fanfiction fandom, I'd need a whole other series of posts and an indication that it would be helpful. Either way, I hope you find something new to read, and that you enjoy comics even a bit as much as I very much do. Thanks!